2019 October

Tom and Ella Daily Journal of Our Lives

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  • 2019 October 01 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

Lowhanging clouds made for a nice photo this morning.

After unloading the truck we went to Hobo Junction for breakfast. I’ve really been hungry for the chicken fried steak with grits, biscuit, and eggs.

We had a few odds and ends to purchase … such as bug bombs to kill the ants. Also Ella wanted a haircut. I looked for fans at Wal-Mart but they were out of stock.

I prefer the before.

We found fans at Lowes. I bought a box fan and an oscillating pedestal fan. When we got home the box fan went in the back window and the pedestal fan at the foot of the bed.

We went to Tate’s football game. We were so far away from the players that I was only sure that I saw Tate on the fields once. The sun was low in the sky and bright, which made taking photos difficult. I shot some video that was useless because I couldn’t see anything on the screen. I just pointed it toward the field and hopped for the best … Which wasn’t good at all. Also the autofocus was going crazy, focusing on the chain-link fence, the players standing on the sidelines, and anything but the players in the game.

After Tate’s game we went home with Adam and family. It was nice to sit and visit for awhile.

It was totally dark when we arrived home. I’d almost forgotten what the stars looked looked like when away from the light pollution from the city.

The fans had done a pretty good job of cooling the trailer.God bless and g’nite First full day in our Texas home….

  • 2019 October 02 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

Lowhanging clouds again this morning but not as nice a photo as yesterday.

Before leaving home today, I set off a bug bomb, to kill the biting ants that have not only invaded our home, but also our bed. To make it effective we had to close all the windows and ceiling vents. Remember that our air conditioner is not working and it is predicted to reach 91° today. It is not going to be a pleasant place to which to come home.

Ella’s appointment with the heart doctor was at 8:30 this morning. We just barely made it on time.

And, of course, there is paperwork that needed updating. The good news … she’s doing well.

Once we were done at the doctor’s, we made a beeline to Grandies. We were only a little late. After roll-call we had two tables of 6 each to play canasta.

The table talk turned to pastor Saint’s sermon from this past Sunday. Most of the people at Grandies, who were also at Cross Tracks church and heard the sermon, were upset. Many were talking about leaving the church. I wish I could have heard the sermon for myself. I do not like making choices on second hand opinions.

After Grandies We we’re not wanting to go home until that bug bomb had a chance to work.

Rather than going home, we went to Golden Chick for lunch. We took as much time as we could in the restaurant.

We knew that we were going to the choir party in town at 5:30 and we were trying to stay in town until then. Ella suggested going to the library. An excellent suggestion.

At the library we found a parking place under a live oak. Rather than go in, Ella dropped her seat back and took a nap. Even with the 92° the breeze in the shade was comfortable. That’s what they mean by, “it was a dry heat.”

Thinking that I could find better shade and breezes, I drove to the cemetery. There I could open the doors and let more air through. We sat there a long time until I needed to use the bathroom. Now we weren’t far from home, so home we went.

I opened windows and turned on the fans. We stayed home until time for the choir party. Unfortunately the main dishes had onions, to which I’m allergic. I had dessert for supper. It was just past sunset when we arrived home.

Sleep came quickly.

God bless and g’nite Day 2 in our Texas home…..

  • 2019 October 03 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas

No sunrise photo … and this is why.

Ella stripped the bed and bagged up all of our dirty clothes, including those that spent the summer in the hamper.After breakfast, I loaded the clothes into the truck in preparation for going to the laundromat.I set off more bug bombs (2 this time) as we left home for the day.The post office was our first stop for the day. I did a six month renewal of the P.O.Box. At the same time, I picked up a change of address form to transfer from that P.O. box to our physical address.

It was nice to see the gang at Over The Hill Gang today. Food was good, as it always is. After the meal, we stayed to play canasta with friends.

Laundromat time came directly after our canasta game was over.

After arriving home, I put the awning out. That included awning support rafters, deflappers, and making sure that the tiedowns were secure and tight.

The evening breeze under the awning was preferable to sitting inside in the heat.

Dead/dormant Texas grass that crunches underfoot. Iowa still has green grass, which is unusual for this time of year. I thought it was because Texas hadn’t had any rain this year and Iowa hadn’t had anything but rain. But I did a little fact checking and found that Grimes Iowa had only about 6″ more rain this year than Liberty Hill Texas. The real difference isn’t the quantity of rain. It is the timing. Liberty Hill had its 22+” all in the spring while Grimes had its 28″ spread out through spring and summer.

About 8 p.m. an ambulance, firetruck, and several police vehicles went zooming up the narrow country road that boarders one edge of our park. I watched them with curiosity but it was sometime later that I thought to pray for them. My reaction should have been compassion before curiosity.God bless and g’nite

Day 3 in our Texas home….

  • 2019 October 04 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas

Up and in the VA clinic for fasting labwork before sunrise. The gentleman who drew my blood was all business and got blood on the first try. That doesn’t happen often.

Then to IHOP for breakfast. Ella forgot to put her teeth in this morning. So she had stuffed French toast … which is probably what she would have ordered anyway. However, without her teeth, we choose to forego the trip to the senior center in Georgetown.

Doesn’t he look like Mr, Miyagi from the Karate Kid?

We returned home and I made some calls about repairing our air conditioner. So far no commitment for a repair.We remained outside our home, where it was only 90° instead of whatever it was inside.

Then we were home all day … except for a trip to Winklies for a spring and hardware to make a closer for our screen door.

God bless and g’nite

Day 4 in our Texas home….

  • 2019 October 05 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas

66° and clear as crystal. Predicted high of 92° and no air conditioning. It missed the predicted high by a couple degrees, reached 94.

We had nothing on our “must get done” list for today. I woke long before first light and enjoyed the coolness of the morning air.

We went over to the Stocktank Market around 11 a.m. I really like the look of the siding. It was constructed to look much older than it is.Pete and Tresa own the Stocktank which had be been several things since it wss was built: grocery store, restaurant, and live music venue. Currently it is a flea market on a part time bases. The property also contains the RV park where we spend our winters.While Ella went in to look Arroyo around and visit, I say on on the porch and visited visitedwith Pete, who just turned 90. In the past half dozen years, I’ve enjoyed the brief times spent with Pete. He has been full of fanciful stories that were most likely at lest 80% true. However, his mind it’s failing so that in the space of an hour, I heard the same story about how it has been years since had had a dog. There is a big red dog that has been hanging around and he sure would like to have it.

We needed to replenish a few perishables. We had about a quart of milk that we brought from Iowa. It traveled in the cooler alright. However, I put it in the refrigerator before the ‘fridge had a chance to cool completely. RV refrigerators use a different cooling system than a standard household appliance and they are slower to reach operating temperature. Therefore, the milk spoiled and needed to be replaced.We went to Walmart for bacon, chicken and milk among a few other items such as bottled water.

God bless and g’nite

Day 5 in our Texas home…..

  • 2019 October 06 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas

64° and clear with a predicted high of 94° and still no air conditioning. It reached 95.

We attended church and Sunday schoolOnce we were home I fixed steak in the Instapot.It was too hot to do much other than sit in front of the fans.I napped and woke to see the clock reading 6:32. We were to meet Arik, Jenny and kids for supper at 7 o’clock. I quickly got ready and went to the truck. Ella’s came out shortly, all ready to go. Then I noticed that my watch said that it was quarter to 6. The wall clock is synced with the atomic clock in Bolder Colorado … However, it doesn’t know what time zone I’m in which makes it an hour off. I don’t remember how to reset the time zone function so, for now, I’ll just have to remember it’s an hour ahead.

By the way, notice the indoor temperature is 93.2° at 5:32 p.m. The temperature prediction for tomorrow is upper seventies to lower eighties. That will be great. So far, the nighttimes have been low enough for great sleeping with the fans.Just so you know … I write everything on my phone by swiping the keyboard rather than tapping each letter. However that leads to some awkward sentences. Here is how the previous paragraphs looked, before I edited out all of the garbage.

  • The transliteration temperature prediction for Tom Tommie tomorrow is yippy upper seventies to lower so eighties. That will be great. Ssh So far the night time s have be been low enough for great xl sleeping weigh the gamma FDA gamma
  • Just so you know … I write everything pin my pin phone by swiping pin the kg keyboard rather than tapping tapping each letter. H bio However that leads to someaww awkward sentences. Jr Here it’s how the previous pass paragraphs looked\before I ed edited putt will off the hardback garbage.

We were sitting in the truck when we received a message from Jenny asking if we could meet at 6:30 instead of 7. Sure! We were already in the truck so we headed into Leander and Cherry Creek Catfish.

We returned home and opened up the RV so it could cool off.God bless and g’niteDay 6 in our Texas home.

  • 2019 October 07 Monday in Liberty Hill, Texas

61° and completely cloud covered this morning. The clouds were gone by midday and it reached 79 for the high. That is the lowest high that this section of paradise has had in a good long while.

The eastern sky at “sunrise”.

The southern sky had more color than the eastern.

A half hour later the sun almost broke through.

Give us our daily bread. We went to the Georgetown senior center. The local stores donate their day old bread to the seniors

A dominoes game was being played at the center today.

However, most were visiting or watching TV. I’m hoping that bingo will be restarted. Larry, th the person who always called bingo died this summer and no one has stepped up to call.

Just a doodle from today. I should have had a motorhome pulling it all.

Cloudless sky at sunsetGod bless and g’nite

Day 7 in our Texas home.

  • 2019 October 08 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

A very pleasant 55° this morning that reached 84° by mid afternoon.

A white ball in an orange sky at daybreak.

I was trying to photograph the miles of bumper to bumper traffic in/through Liberty Hill this morning. But since we were driving into the sun, the sun is what you see.We were on the move because I had an eight o’clock appointment with my VA doctor. I arrived at 8:04 and was still checking in we when I was called back to her examine room. The results of my labwork were all good with the exception of my A1C which is higher than previously. I do a go good job of not eating sweets … unless there are sweets to eat. I truly do not crack cravecandy. I’m more of a salty snack eater. However, if there are candies or pasteries in the house, I will gobble them down.From my doctor’s we went to Ella’s Ear Nose and Throat doctor to check on an appointment. She has for Friday. Yep, it’s on the calendarWe then went to the Georgetown senior center for lunch.When we returned home it was still relatively cool or at least bearable inside. I began working to update some of my blogs, but soon dozed off.When I woke, I was surprised that I had slept so long. I fixed a bowl of cereal so that I could take my supper pills before going into church for the Tuesday night prayer meeting. I forgot that the wall clock is an hour off. See the October 06 post for more about the clock.It was cooler outside than inside so outside I went, to wait until it was really time to go to church. When the time came, I told Ella to get in the truck. She seemed confused. She had forgotten about the prayer meeting.When we returned from church, it was considerably cooler inside.

God bless and g’nite
Day 8 in our Texas home.
2019 October 09 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas61° and overcast that became mostly clear and 89°.

Before we left for Grandies this morning, I put some chicken thighs and Stovetop dressing in the Instapot on slow cook. After the meeting we played canasta.We were home by noon and the stuff in the Instapot was done. All I had to do for lunch was microwave some peas and open a can of peach slices.

Outside temperature

Inside temperature was too hot to do anything and too uncomfortable to nap. I sat outside under the awning where it felt cooler. The winds of 15 to 25 mph were welcome.Cross Tracks Church Choir practice tonight was a cool relief for us because the chapel is air conditioned. When we returned home it had dropped to 88° inside and 85° outside.

The sunset happened before we came out from choir practice. However I captured the almost-full moon.God bless and g’nite
Day 9 in our Texas home.
2019 October 10 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas76° and foggy/hazy that broke th through about 9:30 became mostly clear and 93° inside and out.

There were 44 at Over The Hill Gang today. Not bad for a day that they aren’t serving chicken. That’s right, the once a month day, when they serve fried chicken, is the most attend attended day of the moon month. Today they served meatloaf (the food, not the singer/actor)The meatloaf contained onions. Th The last time I are meatloaf weedy containing onions, I look looked like this …

and spent 6 hours in the emergency room. I no longer eat onions. Instead, for lunch, i had some very bland pinto beans.

The Laundromat in Leander has excellent air conditioning and a comfy couch. Not coincidentally, they also have washing machines and clothes dryers. Our home has neither washers and dryers nor air conditioning. So, it seemed like a good idea to hang out at the laundromat for a few hours today.Wal-Mart also has air conditioning among other items that we wanted to purchase. So, we hung out at Wal-Mart for awhile also.Even after all these tactics to delay going home, we still had to go home. It was 93.7° inside when we arrived.I have contacted 3 RV repair “specialists” and have yet to have any of them call me back.God bless and g’niteDay 10 in our Texas home.
2019 October 11 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas

What a difference a day makes. 50 degrees cooler and rain!

The Leander senior center wasn’t very busy today. Ella and I are alone almost all morning. Just before lunch, another half dozen people arrived.We ate and then left for Ella’s ENT appointment. You remember, the one we stopped on Tuesday the 8th to verify the appointment. We were told today that, not only that she doesn’t have an appointment, but that the doctor isn’t in the office on Fridays. !!!??? She set ash ask appointment for next week.We came home, started the electric fireplace, stretched out in the recliners with warm throw blankets over our legs.Eventually I assembled some potato-corn chowder in the Instapot. While we waited for the 4 minute pressure cook time,we played Fast Track.God bless and g’nite
Day 11 in our Texas home….

  • 2019 October 12 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas

49° overnight with a mostly overcast sky. It rose to 71° under a mostly cloudy sky.

Before bedtime, I turned the fireplace off and one of the milkhouse heaters on to a low setting. When I woke this morning, it was 66°, which is about ideal sleeping temperature. And so we slept in.Sometime before 8 I got up and fixed oatmeal with raisins, and coffee. Then went back to be bed until Ella as ready to get up.Jardin Corona for lunchPinto beans and cornbread for supper.God bless and g’nite
Day 12 in our Texas home.

  • 2019 October 13 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas

Any question as to why we spend more time in Texas than Iowa?God bless and g’nitePastor John Saint’s sermon, “The Tenth Leper”.On the way home from worship, I stopped at Parker’s and purchased a couple pounds of ground Chuck and some sour cream.For lunch I made some hamburger patties on the George Forman Grill. This is our 2nd grill of the same modle. We liked the first one so much lunch that, when I saw this one in a rummage sale for $5, I quickly bought it. I was surprised that it had all of the grill plates, waffle plates, and griddle plate. Most of my cooking is done between the GF Grill and the instapot.
Day 13 in our Texas home….October 14 Monday (Columbus Day) in Liberty Hill, Texas65° with complete cloud cover. It reached 85° still mostly cloudy.It was a good day to sleep in. Being Columbus Day, the senior center was closed. That meant that there was no place to go. Since we got out of bed late, I fixed a larger than normal breakfast. I halved a slice of cornbread (top from bottom) and fried it in some butter until golden brown. I also made some French toast using some rather dry sourdough bread. Scrambled eggs and crisp bacon finished the meal.This evening we have a potluck to attend, which will be our large meal for the day. So Ella is making bread pudding to take.Not wanting to heat the inside of our home anymore than it already is (85°), I brought the convection oven outside under the awning.In October 2012 we were at Shady Oaks Riverside Retreat in the beautiful highland lakes area of the Texas hill country. We arrived there minus the plastic grill outside and behind the refrigerator as well as the cover from the refrigerator’s roof vent. Also the shore power cord had a burnt wire in the plug. Next the slideout would not slide out. The good news was, we arrived with several hundred green tomatoes that would slowly ripen over the next few months. When spring came, we took the Hitchhiker to the factory in Chanute Kansas for repair.The following October we were at Rio Bonito RV Park just a few miles northeast of Liberty Hill, Texas. We arrived once again pulling the Hitchhiker behind us. Our navigator on the phone directed us down a narrow country road that had a hairpin turn on a tiny bridge with no railings. We arrived at the park, coming from the direction that no one else had ever used. Of course we soon learned the shorter, simpler, and much easier route in and out of the park.In 2014 we were staying at Stocktank RV park for the first time. We have been here every year since then, although not on the same site each time. In 2018 we were assigned our present site. We like it. So, we keep our unit on this site year around now.The Emmaus meeting was at the First United Methodist Church in Burnet (18 miles from home). The potluck was at 6 with the meeting at 7.Good bless and g’nite.