2019 October 07 Monday

2019 October 07 Monday in Liberty Hill, Texas

61° and completely cloud covered this morning. The clouds were gone by midday and it reached 79 for the high. That is the lowest high that this section of paradise has had in a good long while.

The eastern sky at “sunrise”.

The southern sky had more color than the eastern.

A half hour later the sun almost broke through.

Give us our daily bread. We went to the Georgetown senior center. The local stores donate their day old bread to the seniors

A dominoes game was being played at the center today.

However, most were visiting or watching TV. I’m hoping that bingo will be restarted. Larry, th the person who always called bingo died this summer and no one has stepped up to call.

Just a doodle from today. I should have had a motorhome pulling it all.

Cloudless sky at sunset

God bless and g’nite

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Day 7 in our Texas home.

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