2019 October 11 Friday

2019 October 11 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas

What a difference a day makes. 50 degrees cooler and rain!


The Leander senior center wasn’t very busy today. Ella and I are alone almost all morning. Just before lunch, another half dozen people arrived.

We ate and then left for Ella’s ENT appointment. You remember, the one we stopped on Tuesday the 8th to verify the appointment. We were told today that, not only that she doesn’t have an appointment, but that the doctor isn’t in the office on Fridays. !!!??? She set ash ask appointment for next week.

We came home, started the electric fireplace, stretched out in the recliners with warm throw blankets over our legs.

Eventually I assembled some potato-corn chowder in the Instapot. While we waited for the 4 minute pressure cook time,we played Fast Track.

God bless and g’nite

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Day 10 in our Texas home.

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