2019 November 03 Sunday

  • 2019 November 03 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas

he sun made it over the horizon before disappearing into a cloud bank. It’s reappearance was a spotty thing throughout the day. None the less, it was altogether a glorious day. Once we were home, the door remained open, and with southern hospitality, welcomed the breezes of Fall to “Come on in and stay a spell.”

ey look, it didn’t drop into the freezing zone overnight. It was another great night to sleep. And we had a whole extra hour to enjoy bedtime. So, what did I do with my extra hour?

ven though the graph indicates that I went back to sleep, I did not. I was awake at four, which makes sense because I normally wake at five and this was the night when daylight savings ended and the clocks were set back a hour. However, my internal “clock” didn’t reset.

astor Saint’s sermon on Luke 19:1-10. I gained a new perspective on the story of Zacchaeus and how one became the chief tax collecter under the Roman system. Were you aware that the chief tax collector had to pay all of the taxes to Rome BEFORE they were collected from the people? Which meant that he had to be a wealthy man before he became the tax collecter.

group of us went to the Cotton Patch for lunch after church and Sunday school. Ella had a bowl of potato soup that she discribed as “good with chunks of potatoes. And priced right. She also said that though it was good, it wasn’t as good as the soup I make. I will humbly tell you, I make great soup. My daughter, the chef, once said that I make “Kickass soup!” I had a chicken fried chicken sandwich and fries. It is rather disappointing to say that I enjoyed the fries more than the sandwich. The chicken was too dry and too crispy for my liking. The fries however were obviously prepared in house rather than the prepackaged frozen things found in many restaurants. They were also lightly seasoned rather than buried in the seasoning. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give the sandwich a 5. I doubt that we will make a return trip.

received a “Like” on one of my posts from another WordPress blogger named Seolin Jung. Out of courtesy and curiosity I visited their blog and was delighted to find a short story titled “Canvas Without Stars”. This little story made me smile. One of the things that I really like about our site at Stocktank RV Park is the view of the night sky. I can no longer name stars and constellations other than Orion, the Big Dipper, and the North Star. However, I’m still amazed at their beauty and in awe that the God who created them also cares for me.

ere is a view of the shelves in the truck topper. I don’t think that I had mentioned the fact that I built the shelves with a rather steep angle toward the back of the shelf (front of the truck). That way things will, hopefully, stay on them as we travel. My knees hurt from crawling around in the bed of the truck so I’m taking a break from stocking those shelves until some day in the not too distant future.

his black cylinder is a roll of padding that will line the bed of the truck and hopefully save my knees. I will need to purchase a couple sheets of underlayment and get them cut to size and installed before the padding is also cut to size and laid in place.

And so ends another day in paradise. God bless and gnite.

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  • Day 34 in our Texas home

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