2019 November 23 Saturday

2019 November 23 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas

t turned a bit chillier overnight than I had expected. I’m glad I closed the windows before going to bed.

he sky was clear enough at 5 a.m. that I thought about trying to photograph some stars. But that would have meant getting dressed for the cold and going outside. I decided to stay in my nice warm bed to study and write a devotional instead.

he sun came up bright and yellow through the haze. Once again the light has overcome the darkness and our souls rejoice.

y route to work this morning. Once you calculate the time/distance ratio, you will see that the traffic was heavy for a Saturday morning.

his is just a rough ballpoint oen sketch. It was the folds in the clothing that I found fascinating.

t was nice to sit in the big Santa chair and have children come to talk to me. Now, if the photographers would use better salesmanship than saying, “Do you want pictures?” they might actually make a sale. I love visiting with the children and there is no charge for them to come to me. However, the photographers make little or no attempt to turn the visit into a sale. Strange way to run a business. But I doubt they are trained in anything more than now to run the camera, printer, and register.

he trip home was really much faster than indicated here. I stopped and did some shopping along the way.

God bless and g’nite.

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