2019 November 26 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

here was some color in the predawn sky. However, by “sunrise” the sky was a dark charcoal. It was more like a sunset than a sunrise.

ostly moderate traffic this morning. Since some of the area schools (maybe all) are on holidays break, I didn’t know if traffic would be heavier or lighter. This morning it proved to be lighter.

he trip home was less congested also. Perhaps it was because I was traveling through town in the early afternoon rather than during rush hour. I’m anticipating that the holiday traffic is going to be clogging the roadways soon enough.

hat is not evident on the map above is that I stopped set Wal-Mart to pick up our grocery order. I like using the Wal-Mart grocery app to place an order and choose a pick up time. They send a message when it is ready. You inform them when you are on the way. The app tracks your arrival at the store and they bring them out and load then I your vehicle. It saves time. It also saves money because you only get what is on the order and no impulse buys. (I am not paid by Wal-Mart for my endorsement … although if they wanted to send some money my way, I would not turn it down. Grin)

rom 7 to 8 we were at Cross Tracks Church for the Tuesday night prayer meeting. We sang some hymns that had special meanings for us in this time of uncertainty. We shared praises for the joys in our lives and lifted concerns to the Lord I prayer. It is always an uplifting hour.

God bless and g’nite.

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  • Day 57 in our Texas home

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