2019 November 29 Friday

2019 November 29 Friday in Liberty Hill, Texas

oggy foggy morning. There was very little traffic this morning. Since this is Black Friday, I had expected the hoards of shoppers flooding the highways. It will be interesting to see how today plays out on the set.

he mall was busy but certainly not the crazy Black Friday Frenzy that you see on television. Santa was busy most of the time without having more than a few people waiting in line.

riving home in the fog wasn’t bad except for the sudden appearance of cars driving without their headlights on. Even though we were both in the proper lanes, It’s unnerving when they suddenly appear a dozen car lengths away and heading in your direction. I took as many back-roads as I could, to avoid traffic.

had the pleasure of being Santa for several special needs people today. One was a young woman of 22. I remember her from the last several years. She has a very distinctive look. It appears that she has a little girls head on an adult body. I can’t think of a better way to describe her. She is always very sweet and a little shy. The things for which she asks are things you would expect a preteen to ask for. I also had a mother with two preteen boys with autism. One with dark hair and heavyset who gave me lots of hugs and kept cuddling in with his head on my chest. We had a hard time getting him to look at the camera. Her other son was fair haired and thin. He fixated inn the umbrella for the camera flash. So, with him, it took time to get him to look down at the camera. I also had a 17 year old week it’s an exchange student from the Czech Republic.

God bless and g’nite.

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