2020 January 01 Wednesday

2020 January 01 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

o sunrise this morning. We are completely overcast. And it didn’t change at all throughout the entire day.

was awakened several times in the wee hours of the morning when my Cpap machine stopped and then restarted on its own. I was concern that the power to our home was fluctuating. However, I soon noticed the light from the electric fireplace was still on. The plug for the Cpap was loose in the socket, which is at the head of the bed. Evidently, as I moved around inn the bed, I had loosened it. Then, as I sat up to readjust the mask, I caused it to make connection again. It is now completely plugged into the socket.

know a lot of y’all eat Hoppin John for New Year’s. Well I have my own traditional New Year’s meal, lentils and kielbasa. I don’t know how this became a tradition for my mother. She grew up in southern Iowa from German stock that arrived in Iowa by way of Virginia and Kentucky. So the tradition of hoppin’ John would have fit right in. However, for us it was lentils and kielbasa sausage, which is more of an Italian tradition (sort of). While my DNA results do show a tiny tiny amount of Italian, I find no Italians in the family tree. And certainly no one who could have passed on a traditional New Year’s meal like lentils and sausage. I never asked and now it it’s many years too late.

e have done nothing much but sit around home for this last week. I became restless and suggested a trip to Dairy Queen. Ella is nearly always ready to go to DQ. She has said it was her dad who got her hooked on DQ. She said that when She gets to heaven, she expects to find him at a heavenly Dairy Queen.

needed to stop for gas in the truck first. Since QuikTrip has come to Texas, I try to give them (an Iowa based company) my business when I can. However, this afternoon I was more in need of a bathroom than gasoline. And I really needed gasoline, 24 gallons in a 26 gallon tank. Yep, it WAS getting a might thirsty. After DQ we went to Wal-Mart for a few items. It was then the drive home under that still gray and overcast sky. No sunset. No photo.

God bless and g’nite

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