2020 February 15 Saturday

2020 February 15 Saturday in Liberty Hill, Texas http://TomAndEllaJournal.WordPress.com

managed to go to sleep earlier, but I also woke earlier. Net gain zero. Seven hours of sleep just is not enough, despite reports that say “seniors” only need seven to eight hours a night. I’m feeling the need for more.

ore hazy skies with which to contend today. I am beginning to really miss those deep blue skies that we associate with Texas.

omewhere in the eastern sky, the sun is stoking its furnace in preparation for it’s day long crawl across the sky.

he sun has risen. That’s a good start. Now, let’s see if it can burn through the haze.

ell, the haze was replaced by (or joined by) a layer of blanketing clouds. The above picture was taken at 10:36 a.m. and the one below at 3:10 p.m. Not a lot of change throughout the day. I guess the sun was not stoked hot enough after all.

lla and I played three rounds of Fast Track this morning. She beat me all three times. In the afternoon we play twice more in which she only beat me once.


If you haven’t read “The Beginning Part One” you should read it first for a fuller understanding.(go back to yesterday’s post, 2020 February 14 Thursday)

Originally published November 2011

For about three years prior to the cancer incident, we had begun looking at travel trailers, motor-homes, and fifth-wheels. We had pretty good ideas about what we wanted for when we retired. It had to be a full four season RV with a decent kitchen area and lots of closet space. The type of RV was something on which we had not come to agreement.

I liked the idea of a Class A motor home – you know – those big busses – not fancy van conversions. Ella hated the idea of a motor home. “I don’t want a steering wheel in my living room,” was one of her frequent remarks.
We owned two conversion vans and therefore began looking primarily at travel trailers that could be pulled by the vans. We received confusing and conflicting advice from sales people when we asked what size trailer we could pull with the van. Some said we could pull anything on the lot and some said it had to be towable by a ¼ ton vehicle. I finally went to the GMC dealer (since the one we planned to use was a GMC) and asked for his expert advice. The advice was, “Both are correct.” As long as we were staying local with the unit we could handle any trailer that could be pulled by a ¾ ton truck. However, since it was a conversion van, the transmission was geared differently and would not work for long hauls with a heavy unit.
I remarked to the GMC salesman that eventually I would probably upgrade to a ¾ ton truck which would solve my problem. “Funny you should mention that,” he said. “Come look at this truck that I just took in on trade.” Yes, I bought it! It was a ¾ ton extended cab with both a fifth-wheel receiver and a bumper hitch. Since the pick up already had a fifth-wheel receiver, it opened us up to looking at fifth-wheels.

The same weekend that we bought the truck we also bought a used 1991 Road Ranger 35Y fifth-wheel manufactured by K.I.T. Nearly 37 feet long with an ample galley kitchen and lots of storage space, it was very nearly what we had been envisioning. It was not a full four season trailer. However, this was only to be our ‘first’ trailer and not the one we retired into.

We picked the Road Ranger (RR for short) up on a Wednesday in the middle of April and took it home. That Friday night we took it out for a weekend of camping. We returned home only to pick up more ‘stuff’ until the Corp of Engineers Parks closed on October 30th (to be continued)

hortly after six o’clock three sun dropped below the horizon and at the same time, below the clouds. So to recap, sunshine at sunrise and some sun at sunset.

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  • Day 137 in our Texas home
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