2020 February 18 Tuesday

2020 February 18 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas http://www.tomandellajournal.comI slept but had a bizarre dream. It begin with me driving a stake truck. (I never have) However the truck was driven from inside the box so there were boards blocking my vision. I had to stand up to drive. In the odd mechanics of a dream, I was able to stand straight up in the cab and reach all of the pedals and steering wheel.was driving in a small town with rolling hills, much like one in which I grew up. Going down a hill was when I discovered that there were hardly any brakes on the truck.ith the sudden changes of scenery that happens in dreams, we were in the middle of nowhere. We descended into a huge construction site. There was a tall concrete pillar that indicated an interstate highway bridge was being built.ext, without a break in continuity, we were riding horses up and out of the work zone.e came to a primitive campground and were once more in the truck. I decided to stop and ask for directions.gain the scene jumped, to the inside of a library. We were now on bicycles and riding down a narrow staircase which had no handrails. Also,there were small children going up the stairs as we were going down.n elderly lady in a blue dress was getting up, from behind a desk, to leave. I remember she had an amazing gold necklace, though I don’t remember what it looked like.asked for directions to get back into town. Her directions were too complicated to understand. I asked if she was going that direction and could we just follow her.hat’s when I knew I was dreaming. Because I would never have asked for directions.t is not often that the day begins already at the high temperature for the day. I think “it’s all down hill from here” applies. Don’t you?e didn’t eat until after Ella’s visit with the urologist. The appointment was for ten. We arrived at about quarter to ten. We were out of the doctor’s just before eleven. Results on Friday (?)

ou can tell by the photographs that we had lunch at Dairy Queen. Ella had chicken and dumplings/noodles and a strawberry malt. I had a hamburger (mustard and pickles only), fries, ice tea, and peanut buster parfait.e were home, had taken a picture of the sky (photo above), and sitting in our recliners before our alarms told us that it was noon. Why do or alarms go off at noon? Several years ago we had a visiting preacher asked that everyone stop at noon and say the Lord’s prayer. We have continued to do so every since..IN THE BEGINNING part 5

If you haven’t read “The Beginning Parts 1, 2, 3, 4” you should read it first for a fuller understanding.(go back to post “2020 February 14 Thursday”)

This was Originally published November 2011
For the next couple of years we made the resort our home base. However, we also were able to volunteer as camp hosts at a couple of Corp of Engineer parks around Saylorville Lake. We both were still working full time (though we were both doing temp work). In the years since then we have both retired. Ella was tired of waiting for new temp jobs to open. I had a heart attack that made me even more aware of how quickly things can change. Since retiring, we have done more work camping and some part-time jobs.

Now that we qualify for Medicare it will give us more freedom to travel without worrying about whether our insurance will be honored. Our plan is to travel to the Austin Texas area for the winter of 2012-2013 and then return to Iowa for the summer months. However, we’ll see how those plans work out. They have already gone through some revision. The original plan was to purchase another RV to take to Texas. We would then leave that one in storage in the south and return to Iowa and live in the RoadRanger fifth wheel. (to be continued

rizzly rain and an overcast sky daybreak through to day’s end. It was sixty six degrees this morning and forty six degrees at bedtime. More, real rain, is predicted for tonight.
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  • Day 140 in our Texas home
  • *The Over The Hill Gang, (3307 RR 1869) Any area senior 50 years or older is invited to join for fellowship and a meal every Thursday at 11:30 a.m. The first meal is free; afterwards, individuals are asked to donate $6 for their meal.
  • **Grandies welcomes those 50+ every week with friendship, games and a ministry to connect to others. As a special part of their ministry, Grandies sign and send greeting cards with inspirational messages to those serving in the military, the sick or homebound and church members celebrating happy milestones like birthdays and graduation. Since this ministry started, more than 3,300 cards have been sent!

In the summer, Grandies also work to make available snack packs through Operation Liberty Hill for children who may not otherwise have enough food without a school in session. Additionally, they provide meals at Vacation Bible School. and host bake sales twice a year to raise funds for their important works.

Wednesdays, 9 a.m.
Currently meets at the OTHG building (3307 RR 1869)