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he predicted high of fifty nine was surpassed by the actual temperature of sixty four. This us not a complaint.

he beautiful view from my deck this morning. This was in place of a sunrise photo.

astor John Saint’s sermon today was about the Transfiguration. You can watch it on YouTube by following the link above.

his group from church all went to Cherry Creek Catfish for lunch.

s we walked in the door, we saw Rick. He is the constable for Williamson county. He often stops at the Over The Hill Gang* on Thursdays so most of us in this group know him. We said our “howdies”, shook hands, then moved on to our table. Later Rick came by the table to introduce his wife to us, as they were leaving.

ur lunches came, so the table talk stopped and we said the Lord’s prayer together. Ella had an oyster po’boy sandwich and waffle fries. I had the breaded crawfish basket with fries and a couple of hush puppies.

e finished eating and were sitting, taking, and waiting for the checks. One of the group ask the waitress for the check. She said, “The gentleman, who stopped at your table, took care of it.” That was unexpected but appreciated.

f you haven’t read “The Beginning Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8″ you should read it first for a fuller understanding.(Go to “2020 February 14 Thursday”)

Originally published November 2011

Later that same day. We decided that we needed to take another look at the trailer. I called the dealership and told them that we would like another look with the slide out and with the baggage doors open. Dave, the salesman, said to give him an hour to ninety minutes and he’d take the trailer inside to thaw out.

So for an additional hour, we did some praying, soul searching, some considering “what ifs” and then went back to take another look.
We looked it over very carefully, looking for bowed or warped walls, soft spots in the floor, rust, damage, excessive wear etc. We opened every door and drawer, tried every light and inspected all appliances. The only thing I could not check was the roof, because there is no roof ladder.
We really liked it, partially I think because it is so much like our Road Ranger, which we really have enjoyed.

The only part that I’m not thrilled about is the ceiling height in the living room area. The ceiling is only about 6’6”. I’m 6’1” and a lot of my family are taller than that. Well, I guess we just won’t be doing any jumping around it it.

Dave gave us a lot of ‘alone time’ to discuss it and we decided to buy it. We’ll go Monday to get the money out of Ella’s retirement account.

(MONDAY) We Did It!
We went to Plaza RV in Bondurant and wrote them a check for the 1995 Excel RLJM 5th wheel trailer that we looked at the other day. This wasn’t a trade deal. We still have the Hitch Hiker that we are living in. Plaza RV will store the Excel until Spring. At that point we will move the HH off of our seasonal site and set the Excel in place. It will become our Northern/Summer home.

The HH will follow us to Texas in the Fall of 2012 and become our Southern/Winter home. The plan is to leave the HH in storage in Texas when we return to Iowa in the Spring of 2013.

That concludes this flashback to 2011.

oday’s western sky at four in the afternoon.. It looks very much like my view from the deck this morning. The photo below was taken at six thirty, which would have been sunset, if there had been a sun to see.

ery impressive sunset isn’t it? The subtle shades of light gray to medium gray effortlessly blended into a uniform overcast blah.

I’m moving my biometrics toward the bottom of my post. They are how I start my day, but it occurred to me that it’s of way less interest to the rest of you.

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  • Day 145 in our Texas home
  • *The Over The Hill Gang, (3307 RR 1869) Any area senior 50 years or older is invited to join for fellowship and a meal every Thursday at 11:30 a.m. The first meal is free; afterwards, individuals are asked to donate $6 for their meal.
  • **Grandies welcomes those 50+ every week with friendship, games and a ministry to connect to others. As a special part of their ministry, Grandies sign and send greeting cards with inspirational messages to those serving in the military, the sick or homebound and church members celebrating happy milestones like birthdays and graduation. Since this ministry started, more than 3,300 cards have been sent!

In the summer, Grandies also work to make available snack packs through Operation Liberty Hill for children who may not otherwise have enough food without a school in session. Additionally, they provide meals at Vacation Bible School. and host bake sales twice a year to raise funds for their important works.

Wednesdays, 9 a.m.
Currently meets at the OTHG building (3307 RR 1869)

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