2020 March 09 Monday

2020 March 09 Monday in Liberty Hill TexasWelcome to our daily journal! Send Mail to: TomAndEllaJournal@gmail.com

ixty nine was a fair guess, and close. Though the mercury rose only three marks from the morning’s low of sixty three.

ll of the color has been bled away. So sad the sky, for the missing sun, that it wept the whole day through.

feel asleep listening to the old time radio show “Gunsmoke” on YouTube. I must of had an interesting night of tossing and turning. Overnight I became tangled in my phone power cord and disconnected it from the charger. When I sat up this morning, I had an odd feeling in the middle of my back. I thought I must have slept on the spring-like hose for my CPAP machine. As I made my way to the bathroom, my reading glasses fell from my back. And I still don’t know what became of my earbuds.

hicken spaghetti, cooked apples, lettuce salad, cooked carrots, and garlic bread at the Georgetown senior center.

efore lunch we played Fast Track with another couple. I cannot remember their names. I know that they also are from the cold north (Wisconsin / Michigan) and come to Texas for the winter. I judge them to be quite sensible.


I like the rain. Oh not the cold storm, driven by gale force winds. Not those where you walk hunched over, collar turned up, and hat held firmly to your head. Those are the monsoons of fall and winter. I like the gentle showers of spring that fall warm upon winter’s frozen wasteland and magically transform it into a riot of colors. Even more amazing are the summer sun showers that pass through on sunny days. Those are times when you let loose your inner child, to twirl, head thrown back and arms out. Those are days to splash, once again, in puddles.

kay, so, the sun made a valiant attempt to escape the morass of suffocating cloud cover. Though the attempt was short lived as well as unsuccessful, there for a brief moment, it was nearly bright enough to cast a shadow.

adly, the sun was too weak to hold any dominance against the overburden of clouds. It good it’s face and has slunk beyond the horizon. Perhaps to lay plans for tomorrow’s battle.

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