2020 March 17 Tuesday

2020 March 17 Tuesday in Liberty Hill Texas Welcome to our daily journal! Send Mail to: TomAndEllaJournal@gmail.com

Day four of being self isolated because of the corona-virus.

nce again it was a beautiful night to have bedroom windows open. The predicted high of seventy eight also sounds good. There is currently, a delightful breeze which, if it continues as the heat rises, should make for a good day to sit outside or take a walk.

he sun is battling these clouds as it seeks once again to gain dominance in the sky. I thought moments ago that the sun was gaining a foothold but the clouds once again overcame him and caused his retreat..

ishes are washed, dried, and put away. Breakfast is over. Lunch is slow cooking. The trash is out, though not taken to the dumpster. The floor is swept, though the vacuum has not been run. Not bad for before ten ante meridiem..

re you ticklish? Almost everyone is, somewhere on their body. You know where your ticklish spot is, right? Have you ever tried to tickle yourself? It didn’t work, did it? I asked Google why. Here is science’s best guess.

Day Four of Life During the Time of COVID-19.

John, our neighbor, gifted us with a roll of paper towels. We were out for a walk around the park to check our mail. We saw John working on his vehicle. I said, “Who knew that the zombie apocalypse would start with toilet paper?” That is when he said he had a gift for us.

ixteen one hundredth of a mile loop. That’s not very much at all, is it? However, I’ve walked 3,557 steps so far today. That equates to 1.67 mile.

4:30 p.m. and I almost caught the sun without a cloud cover.

The above picture was taken less than a minute before the rain hit. The photo below was taken moments latter. If you look closely, you can see the rain on the window.

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Day 169 in Texas

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