2020 March 18 Wednesday

2020 March 18 Wednesday in Liberty Hill Texas Welcome to our daily journal! Send Mail to: TomAndEllaJournal@gmail.comDay five of being self isolated because of the corona-virus.

urprise, surprise, surprise! It is cloudy again. Even though Weatherbug declared it to be cloudy, I had high hopes when I snapped the above photograph.owever, within mere moments, all hope of sunshine was crushed under a concrete cloud. And then the following happened.Unexpectedly this morning, the weather forecast for Oatmeal popped up on my cell phone. You might notice that each hour shows overcast, until the thunderstorm. Also notice that the rather depressing trend continues at least through the next five days.We are nearly as close to Oatmeal as we are Liberty Hill. Possibly even closer as the crow flies. Since it popped up on its own, I decided to post some information found on Wikipedia.

The area’s first settlers were German families during the late 1840s. The community’s name is either an alteration of a Mr. Othneil – the area’s first gristmill owner, or a supposed translation of the name Habermill (Haber being a German dialect word for Hafer, “oats”). A post office was established in 1853 under the name Oatmeal. The first schoolhouse opened in 1858, only to be replaced by a second building eleven years later. A gin built in the 1870s continued to serve as a local landmark into the early 1900s. A cemetery was deeded in 1871, although burials were recorded in the area as early as 1854.

In 1936, Oatmeal had a school, two churches, and scattered dwellings. By 1990, the population was around twenty – consisting mostly of families engaged in farming and ranching. That figure remained the same in 2000.

Also Read about the Oatmeal Festival which began in 1978 as a spoof of the many chili cook-offs in the state of Texas.

fter my somewhat whiney rant about the weather, I must say that, like Baby Bear’s porridge. The temperature it’s just right, neither too hot nor too cold. The door and windows are open and I’m loving it.he Fiery King of the sky took a quick look around and decided to return to his self quarantined home at the solar system’s center. His social distance from the earth is apparently ninety two and a half million miles.bout one year ago I constructed a simple cover over the bed of my pickup. I wanted to be able to carry all of the “stuff” that we are constantly carrying from Texas to Iowa and then from Iowa back to Texas.ver the summer I “raised the roof” two foot by building a pickup topper. I added shelving to carry some items that we might need if an emergency caused us to flee our home(s). Things such as fires, floods, high winds, or other natural disasters. If the very worst happened, it is stocked so that we could, for a short term, even live in (and out of) the topper.here is one problem, a persistent roof leak. I’ve doors nearly everything that I could think of to deal the roof from the top. So I decided to try sealing it from the inside up.or supper I made French toast from home made bread and powdered eggs. That’s the best use of the powdered set so far.e had a passing sprinkle but certainly not the predicted thunderstorm. And overnight there is only a slight chance of rain.God bless and g’nite.

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