2020 March 20 Friday

2020 March 20 Friday in Liberty Hill Texas Welcome to our daily journal! Send Mail to: TomAndEllaJournal@gmail.comDay seven of being self isolated because of the corona-virus.

e had no heat on overnight and it was a tad chilly this morning. I did start the electric fireplace soon after rising. Honestly, I tolerate the cooler air more so than the heat. As has been said, “I can put on enough clothes to be warm. I can not remove enough to be cool.”he eastern sky, rather than beginning to glow brighter, became only darker and more foreboding as the mourning progressed. Rain showers have passed overhead several times this morning.woke this morning and, as I sat on the edge of the bed, looked out the bedroom window. Though it was still an hour or so before dawn, in the faint light of sky and yard lights, it looked so very peaceful.y mind was allowed to wander with no attempt to reign it in and focus upon the day ahead. Occasionally, it is nice to have no purpose-driven thoughts. So seldom do I allow myself to skip between memories, dreams, and scenes unseen. This is the opposite of meditation where you either keep your mind blank or focus on a single thought.long about six o’clock a rain shower passed through and the chaotic non-rhythm beating on the roof roused me from my non-contemplative contemplation.oming down the few steps to the bathroom and another few steps to the kitchen area of our fifth-wheel RV, I began the coffee brewing. Though I deeply inhale its aroma, I extremely rarely drink coffee. However, my bride of twenty six years has her morning cup.Ella’s with sugar, cinnamon, and milkTom’s with brown sugar, cinnamon, and butterfter the Mr. Coffee began it’s blurggerling blurpping sounds, I started some rice pressure cooking in the Instapot. On this chilly morning, rice with cinnamon, sugar, and milk seemed an ideal breakfast.here remained a small amount of homemade bread that i toasted. Later today, I’ll bake another loaf. Baking homemade bread is something I enjoy, but seldom have time to do. Because we are sheltering-in-place during this time, I’ve had time to bake.And bake another load I did. I think it turned out nice. ‘Smatter of fact, it’s right down purdy, don’cha think? If’n y’all’d been here, I’d a cut ya a chunk, while it was warm, and served it up lots a butter or jam.or lunch I took the leftover soup from a couple days ago and the rice, that I intentionally made extra of this morning, mixed them together and served them with some toasted homemade bread.everal of our friends were touting the benefits of hemp oil and/or hemp gummy bears for easing the pains of arthritis. I ordered some. When you look online, there are many brands of hemp gummies. I chose this brand (which I will not name) because it said HIGH POTENCY.nce I received them, I was reading the label and found a surprise, “Zero CBD,” CBD is the ingredient in hemp oil that has the pain relieving benefit. (Also it’s NOT psychoactive.) So, as I see it, these gummy bears that I bought for pain relief are only what it said on the front of the bottle, “Tasty Sweets”. Buyer beware!esterday on our walk around Stocktank RV park, we stopped to admire the Blue Bonnets. Because of my mistake with the camera (see yesterday’s post), I didn’t have anyway to show them to you.On my way home from getting Ella’s medications, I pulled off the road, near the corner where the flowers are, and took this photo. I had to adjust the lighting because the sky was so overcast that the colors were all washed out.Sundown?God bless and g’nite.

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Day 172 in Texas

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