2020 March 22 Sunday

2020 March 22 Sunday in Liberty Hill Texas Welcome to our daily journal! Send Mail to: TomAndEllaJournal@gmail.comDay nine of being self isolated because of the corona-virus.

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The fog comes. on little cat feet. It sits looking. over harbor and city. on silent haunches. and then moves on.” – Carl Sandburg

Dark was the night and gray the morning.

Fog clings, a coat so thick amidst the chill.

Smothered in silence, I await the day.

his Sunday morning we were listening to hymns on YouTube while waiting for church service to begin on Cross Tracks Church’s Facebook page. Pastor John Saint’s sermon on Facebook is here.Tom Williams’s message for today, “Praising God In Times of Trouble.”unch for today: chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes, with green beans. I made the noodles with powdered eggs. And I made them the way I like them, thick, wide,and chewy. Some might call them dumplings. But they would be wrong, dumplings are much lighter and airier.apioca pudding for a nice, warm, afternoon snack. It really was just going to be vanilla pudding. I mistakenly added an extra cup of milk. So I added the tapioca to thicken that extra cup. It was good warm. Does anyone else really like the “skin” that forms on the surface of real, cooked pudding? It’s my favorite part. Because I made too much, there was an extra bowl.ur favorite board game is Fast Track. We have introduced it to many other people and they’ve become as addicted as we are. I tell people that it is easy to learn. It’s just hard to win.lla and I went for what had become a daily walk. Truly, we don’t walk far enough to count as exercise, but we at least get out and “git ta stink blowed off.”nce again sunset is indistinguishable from sunrise, like a library filled with only one book, every shelf the same, every day bound in the same cover. I’ve read this day before, too many times.

God bless and g’nite.

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Day 175 in Texas

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