2020 March 23 Monday

2020 March 23 Monday in Liberty Hill TexasWelcome to our daily journal! Send Mail to: TomAndEllaJournal@gmail.comDay ten of being self isolated because of the corona-virus..Thoughts on Fog

Fog there was and fog there is. I pray it is fog, else the world beyond is disappearing. Hunkered down, miles from town, how am I to know that underneath the sodden, dripping, grey mass that the water tower, the churches, the gas stations, and stores are still there?

Thoughts on COVID-19

Facemasks, goggles, and gloves, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and wipes; is this our new normal? Will ever we ride again buses, taxis, planes, and trains without fear of touching what others touched, of breathing in what others had breathed out?

Will people once again gather shoulder to shoulder, clasping hands, and giving hugs. Will worshippers pray, praise, and. sing, their voices muted by respirators?

Will those who cough or sneeze be set outside civilization, their faces covered, and made to yell, “Unclean!”?

airly early this mourning, I crawled into the topper and retrieved those two black storage boxes from the upper right corner. They are filled with freeze dried food.However, there was no rhyme nor reason to how they were laid inn the boxes. I brought them into the RV and sorted them. All of the same kind, e.g. Creamy Potato Soup, were stored together in grocery sacks. Using a Sharpe Pen, I labeled each sack with the contents. I also separated the entrees from the breakfast items, each to their own box.Both Ella and I had prescriptions read for pick up. So, I unsequestered myself and went to Cedar Park. Wal-Mart was beginning to restock, though paper products, flour, and eggs were nowhere to be found. Now we slide bank into isolation until possibly the thirty first. That is when Ella’s follow-up outs scheduled with her urologist… which may be cancelled.ust before five o’clock Ella and I went for our daily walk. We stopped at the.mail box. The letter Ella plac . ed in the box on Saturday was gone, but no new mail was present.8

God bless and g’nite.

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Day 176 in Texas

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