2020 May 08 Friday

In Liberty Hill, Texas

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Morning Talks With Tom video for May 08, 2020

Last night’s super moon. I watched it for awhile but never did see the big S or the cape.

Wind? Yep, we had some. With the window open on my side of the bed, the curtain kept “slapping” me all night long! I knew it wasn’t Ella ’cause she slaps me on the other side. 😀

It took quite awhile for the sun to burn a hole through all of the overcast clouds.

This is Pete. He, along with this wife, own the Stocktank RV Park. Pete is in his nineties and has some memory challenges. I saw him out on his riding mower this morning, so I asked if he could give my truck a jump. “Sure, if I can remember where my truck is.” The sad thing is, it wasn’t a joke. Also he had the mower in the corner of the fence and couldn’t figure out how to get it in reverse. As you can see from the photo above, he found the truck and we tried boosting the battery. We sat and waited awhile to let it charge, but it still wouldn’t start.

I called HUM support and they got someone here within an hour. He hooked up to the battery and it read 1.7 volts. That’s about what a standard AA battery has. However he gave it a jolt and the truck started.

Once the truck was started, we went for a long drive to charge the battery. Unfortunately the Jog Tracker shut off during the first leg of the drive so I’m going to estimate it at about a hundred miles.

We stopped at Sonics in Burnett for lunch and possibly to see a friend who, the last we knew, was the manager there. We asked the person on the other end of the squawk box if our friend was there. She said, “We’re not allowed to give out that information.” It surprised me but at the same time seemed reasonable. So I said, “Well, if he is there, would you tell him that Tom and Ella are here.” We never heard anything back, so either he wasn’t there or she never bothered relaying the message.

By the way, she messed up the order also. I ordered 2 burgers, no cheese or onions plus no lettuce on one of them. The only correct thing was “no cheese.” I took a bite and bit into onions. I am very allergic to onions, as in throat swells shut, can’t talk, and can barely breathe. I flagged down the gal who was delivering to the cars. I gave her the sandwich and said, “No onions.” I got an exchange sandwich with no onions that still had lettuce. It is now 8:30 and my throat is still rough, and earlier, when I tried to talk, my voice was about two octaves too high.


Thanks again for stopping by. See y’all again tomorrow. Stay safe. We love you.

  • God bless and g’day.
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Day 220, in Texas.

©2020 Thomas E Williams

Days being self isolated

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