2020 July 05

SundayWelcome, family and friends to our daily journal.

.When I woke up on Friday morning I asked Ella if she’d punched me in the eye overnight. She assured me that she have me, but it sure felt like she had. Yesterday morning Saturday, it felt like I had ice picks poking me in the eye. This is Sunday morning and it hurts to hold my eye open. Tomorrow, early, I’m calling the doctor making an appointment.

Cross Tracks Church

“Crossing Boundaries” sermon video

We actually attended church service inside the worship center today. Last Sunday we attempted attendance through Facebook. But the audio was so bad that we gave up. Today, in the worship center, Family groups sat together. Social distancing was observed between the rest of us. Masks were worn even during singing. The pastor, of course, did not wear her mask while she was preaching. We did have communion today. The masks were lowered long enough to take the bread and the juice.We also had Sunday School with people wearing masks. We never did get around to discussing the book that we’ve been reading. We Just visited. And that was very therapeutic to sit and talk to people.Once worship and Sunday school were over, Ella and I went through the drive-thru at Golden Chick. We both picked up shrimp and fish. We brought it home to eat.Though it was cooler than yesterday, it was still plenty warm inside. The air conditioner could not keep up and the circuit breaker kept blowing. As a partial remedy I have ordered a portable air conditioner. You know one of those that has a hose on the back that you exhaust out a window, I’m going to attempt to vent it out a ceiling vent. It’s a little over a week before it will arrive. I’ll give you an update as to how well the installation goes as well as the efficiency or lack there of..There was lightening and there was thunder, but rain? None here.

See y’all again tomorrow. Stay safe. Remember, we love you.

  • God bless and g‘day.
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  • 9 months 04 days since we returned to Texas.
  • 3 months and 20 days being self isolated.


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