2021 January 04

Monday, January 04, 2021

Morning sunshine in it’s divine glory.

Before breakfast I started sorting the items to take to Operation Liberty Hill.

The non food items were moved to the back seat.

Then we sat in the warm sunshine and removed tabs from cans. Later, we will take them to a collection location in Austin. And, Yes, the Ronald McDonald House really does collect the aluminum pop tabs from cans, which generate thousands of dollars every year. All those little bits of aluminum add up and they are a lot more hygienic than the whole can.

We removed the food donations from the truck and loaded it with cans. The whole cans that we collect were taken to a salvage yard in Marble Falls.

We earned $.25,/pound ($7.75) that will help support the Grandies Card Ministry.

We stopped at KFC / LJS (Kentucky fried fish?) For lunch.

We drove through Liberty Hill and Leander. We stopped at WallyWorld in Cedar Parkto pick up my medications and for Ella to shop (not buy) for storage drawers, window curtains, and shower curtains for the apartment that may, someday, move to.

Then we drove down Ranch Road 1431, which is one of my favorite roads to drive in good weather and daylight. In bad weather and dark — I’d rather not.

We drove through small and not so small towns that are, more or less, along the lakes and reservoirs of the Colorado River. No not THAT Colorado River, the Texas Colorado River.

Finally, we arrived at Marble Falls. There is no Marble Falls in Marble Falls. Oh, at one time there was cascading over the pink granite bedrock. I’m told it was lovely to look upon. However, those falls are now somewhere below the surface of one of those manmade lakes.

Marble Falls is the home of Hill Country Recycling, which was our destination de jure. It was there that we sold all those bags of cans (many bags but only 31lbs.) for $7.75. That money will be used by the Grandies (color us old) For Christ group to support or ministries, notably the Card Ministry.


©2021 Thomas E Williams

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