2021 January 26

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Our home was chilly this morning. So, we weren’t in a hurry to leave or nice warm nest of covers. Therefore the sun was well into the sky before being photographed.

Tangerine, toast, egg, bacon, and fried zucchini for breakfast.

I called Hills of Leander Apartments this morning and asked for a tour of their apartments. Long story short, we are applying. The paperwork came home with us. We will complete It and return it tomorrow. They have opening now. No waiting list!

Ella and I haven’t come to an agreement as to which apartment to take.
She likes the Hampton because of the little bump-out for a table between the kitchen and livingroom.
I like the Oliver with two bedrooms and two baths. I reason that if she really thinks we need a special space for the table, we can use the 2nd bedroom as a dinning room. The rent is the same.

Since I missed the sunrise, I wasn’t taking a chance with missing sunset.


©2021 Thomas E Williams

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