2021 February 14 ❤

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Want to guess as to which 74 year old couple went out on the icy streets this morning? Yep! That was us. We had nothing in the apartment for breakfast. We crept along the road with our emergency lights flashing. Using the adage “Don’t stop if you Don’t have to – don’t accelerate if you don’t have to” we made it to the nearest convenience store. Bought 2 breakfast sandwiches (all they had), 2 ham and cheese sandwiches (lunch or supper), 2 muffins, and 2 long Johns (treats) and we once more crept along back to the apartments.

The tuck was unable to make it up the incline of the first drive at the apartments. The second drive was less of an incline and we made it okay.

Did I mention in yesterday’s post that we have no heat? We have no heat. It is a brand new apartment and apparently the heating/air conditioning unit was never finished being installed. We aren’t alone in this. Several dozen people are also without heat. The HVAC people were/are working on them. They just haven’t gotten to us yet. In the mean time, it is 25° outside and 58° inside. We spent some time in the lobby playing games today.

We were all alone in the lobby.

We played several games of Fast Track while seated in the lobby. We stayed there until lunch time.

We used some of our emergency food for lunch. Just add the potato soup mix to boiling water, cook for 15 minutes, and let it stand until it thickens to desired consistency. Quite handy and tastey too.

The warmest place in the apartment is in bed. We received a call from the apartment manager, because of the weather, the HVAC people can’t make it until Monday sometime. It is still holding at 58° inside even as the outside temps continue to drop (19° at 3:30).

Yep, there was a little snow just before I went back to the warmth of the bed at 8:30. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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