2021 February 18

Thursday, February 18, 2021
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Nine years ago Ella had cataract surgery.

Q. Ella tell me about your cataract surgery,
A. It was far easier that I ever thought it would be. After the first eye was done, I was surprised at how Vivid the colors were. I spent a lot of time opening one eye and closing the other just to compare the colors between the two eyes.”
Q. How long was the surgery on your eye?
A. “I really don’t know. I think a half an hour. Maybe an hour at the most. It’s been 9 years.”
Q. And how long between getting the first eye and eye number two?
A. ‘I think it was three months but I’m not sure. I’d have to look at our calendar to see.”
Q. How about wearing glasses before and after?
A. “I wore glasses with coke bottle lenses. Now I don’t have to wear glasses at all, except for reading.”
Q. Would you recommend cataract surgery to people who have cataracts?
A. “Yes if they need it and don’t have any underlying medical reasons not to.”

This is as close to sunshine as we’ve had for a bunch of days now. We’re hoping to see more of it tomorrow. The forecast is for sun enough to bring us above freezing for the first time since Friday or Saturday.


©2021 Thomas E Williams

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