2021 February 25

Thursday, February 25, 2021

It was wear-a-jacket weather in the Texas Hill Country. But we need not fear of it become freezing rain and snow. The polar vortex has returned to its natural habitat.

If there had been hash browns, this would be an all American breakfast, for sure.

Heather met us at the trailer this morning. She and Ella worked at packing, lugging, and loading things from the trailer into her SUV. A few items made it into the truck’s backseat also.

I tackled clearing out the shed. This is the BEFORE photo of the area toward the west shed wall.

This is the same area AFTER removing three trunks and a large box.

This is the area toward the east wall of the shed BEFORE moving many boxes and large trash bags of treasures to the truck.

This is the same area AFTER loading the truck as full as it could be.
I know it doesn’t look like I’ve accomplished much. But trust me, this it’s the third pickup load moved out of this shed.
At one time it was neat and organized. That was before moving our things from Iowa. I couldn’t believe this little rusty metal could hold it all.
Now I believe it was all the things stored in it that have held up the roof and walls. The landlord said that the shed is going to be scrap, as soon as we’re done with it.

This is the apartment with some of the stuff moved in but not put away. We only unloaded Heather’s vehicle. Ella and I didn’t have the energy to tackle the load in the pickup. Besides, I was unable to park near our patio. No way could we have carried those trunks and boxes from where I had to park.
Later in the afternoon, a parking spot opened up right next to the patio. However but that time my bride, having reached her limit  called a halt. I was glad she did.

Our Yahtzee game was found among the piles of stuff. You know what that means, right? Right, we played a game of yahtzee.

While waiting for bedtime, we played a game or two off Fast Track.

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©2021 Thomas E Williams

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