2021 February 26

Friday, February 26, 2021
Grey and overcast that didn’t change alli day.
Another benefit of the move. We found the waffle plates for the George Foreman Grill.
Another not so much a benefit puff the move. It’s coming in faster than we can find places to put it.
More stuff and more stuff. Lord, help us to get some of this into the hands of those who need it more than we.
Taking a break from it all.
I’m getting the kitchen work area organized the way I like it. A little island of order amidst the chaos.
We gave up on the idea of having Wal-Mart deliver. They’ve cancelled the order for the forth time. I understand that there was dangerous weather. I understand that many things are out of stock and the supply line is backed up. What I don’t understand id’s why they allowed is to think that the order could be fulfilled in the first place. And why we weren’t notified of the cancellation until a full 24 hours AFTER the delivery schedule. THAT is just bad customer service.
Picked up prescriptions for Ella and me. I paid full price for my prescription because the INSURANCE COMPANY decided that it was too soon too refill. My DOCTOR didn’t think it was too soon. And my empty pill sorters didn’t think it was too soon. Evidently the indifference people know better than the doctor and I.
We stopped for gasoline before leaving the Wal-Mart parking lot. $2.29 for ethanol blend. That’s the highest price that I remember seeing in our area.
Because Wal-Mart had no distilled water, which we use in our CPAP machines, we stopped at the nearest drugstore. It so happens that CVS was closest. Unfortunately, they were empty of distilled. I was directed to the Baby Department where I found two gallons of Baby Water. Profited water with minerals added for taste. That is the exact same water that is in the bottled drinking water. I should have checked the price. It would be interesting to see how much people are spending for the word “Baby” on the lable. At any rate, purified water with added minerals is the opposite of what we need for the CPAPs. We need water that is free of the short of things that are added to baby and drinking water.
Since neither Wal-Mart nor CVS had distilled water, we drove on down the road to Walgreens. They had water, so Ella purchased 2 gallons.
Upon returning home we found two more three-drawer cabinets had been delivered. That brought our total to four three-drawers. I remastered them so that we now have three four-drawer cabinets.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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