2021 June 21p

Here I am at QualTech waiting for them to examine my truck. It is leaking. Within the last couple of months I had taken it to the GMC dealer in Round Rock to fix the leak. $1488.11 later they returned the truck to me. It wasn’t until later that I noticed a small notation on the receipt, “May still have leaks”. So that is their “out” if I would return the truck to them. No warranty because they admitted having done a half-assed job the first time. I’ll never return there for work on the truck.

After QualTech checked it,they reported that most of the leak was due to jIffy Lube. The oil drain plug wasn’t tightened and the seal on the oil filter was leaking. jIffy Lube denied when it took it back to them However QualTech found the pump for the transmission oil was also leaking and needs to be replaced. They will have the truck until tomorrow. So I was shuttled home.

This afternoon Amazon delivered a projector that we had ordered this week. I unpacked it and laid all of the contents out to check against the list of parts. It was missing the AV Cable to connect to the cell phone.

I contacted Amazon customer service via text message. They will send a completely new projector because they can’t just send the missing part.

I could very easily start a rant about the current lack of quality service. But I already touched on it with the GMC repair, and jIFFY Lube.

Q. What rants do you have about the current condition of quality control?

©2021Thomas E Williams

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