2021 July 17

This morning we took the supplies to the Over The Hill Gang building. We had let people use the building for a surprise 50th anniversary party. And I had to go and unlock the building and then go back this evening to make sure it was cleaned and locked.
This morning on leaving the building we stopped at Wal-Mart so Ella could get a hair cut. Only she couldn’t get in today. She set an appointment for Monday morning.

We had Marie Callender’s chicken pot pies for lunch. I have to admit that they are as good a my homemade, and a whole lot easier to prepare.

Ella won three out of four games this evening. Or as I prefer to say, I won one and came on second on three. Whereas Ella came in second on three games and next to last on one game.

Part of the landscaping at the apartments.

Our own little flower garden.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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