2021 August 22

Cross Tracks Church

I informed the congregation about what the FROG (Fully Relying On God) Class was currently studying, the book of Romans. And how we are studying it. And of course,that they are welcome to join in anytime. The congregation also heard about the LIFE Sunday school class. Sorry, I can’t remember what LIFE stands for.

Michele’s sermon was, among other things, the need for small group study. That’s why the pitches to join or Sunday school classes were done today.

Yep. It’s starting again. Is this really going to be our new normal, wearing masks forever?

We had an Adam’s family visit.

No no, not the Addams Family. Adam’s family came over for a few hours. Our time was spent bobbing in the pool. We told them about our adventures to Iowa and back. They told us about their adventure to Colorado and back.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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