2021 September 01

Today’s high temperature was 95°.
Okay, okay, I’m good with that.
But why is it still 92° at eight o’clock tonight?
Ella had the stitches removed from where the teeth were extracted.
She also had the sharp edge, of
another broken tooth, ground down.
Little did we know on Labor Day 2019 that the deadly Covid-19 virus was already starting to spread.
I didn’t know that this
would be my last sermon
at Cutty’s Campground.
We’ve sincere given up
our Cutty’s membership.
We have moved out of Iowa
and become full-time Texans.
Two years later and the battle against this killer pandemic is still being waged around the world. And the world has undergone so many drastic changes in social behavior as well as how business is done. Two years ago we would not have guessed that we would bee wearing masks and maintaining six foot distancing.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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