2021 September 05

Other than a Sausage Egg McMuffin,
this is my favorite breakfast.
That may be why we have it
six or seven times a week

In Sunday school today we finished chapter nine of Romans. Our class numbers have dwindled to only five, including Ella and I. So many of our normal attendees are staying in because of the current rise in COVID cases. I asked those who were there if they wanted to continue meeting and everyone said “Yes”. I will continue to prepare and lead the study as long as someone shows up. However, Ella and I will be attending worship services online through Facebook until I see a drastic drop in Covid cases.

“Can Shame Be Good?”
By Pastor Michele
This is the first of a new sermon series. At Cross Tracks Church.
It’s good to know I still can qualify for some position in society! 😀
We were invited to have supper wit Arik and Jenny and kids.

Six of us waiting to get into Olive Garden. I know there are only guide I these photos. Arik and Jenny’s exchange student was there also. However, I did not have permission to photograph her.

There was plenty of food.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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