2021 September 06

We received a smattering of rain around mid afternoon. However, the real rain passed us by. The temperature reached ninety four degrees. But when the rain clouds passed over, the temperature dropped five or six degrees. Then between six thirty and seven it cut loose with thunder, lightening, and rain … real rain.

Have you ever tried to take a still photo of the rain with your phone? ‘Tain”t easy is it? The best I could do was to show the rain bouncing off the roof of the truck topper. But I did capture about four minutes of thunder and lightening.

This may look like breakfast, but it’s not. It’s brunch. I had a rough night and slept until ten thirty. Brunch consisted of fried Spam, two eggs, and a very thick and fluffy pancake.

No sunset photo tonight. The video of lightening and thunder was as close as I could get.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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