2021 September 10

Today’s devotional made a interesting point. Assuming most parents would likely sacrifice their own life to save their child. Now the question is would you sacrifice your child to save someone else? Would you sacrifice your child to save everyone? This is what the Father did by sending the Son to redeem the world.

We went to the Business Center on the second floor this morning. The two things I desired to accomplish was (one)  find the WiFi password and (two) attempt to print something from the computer. I accomplished neither.

This morning we also went to the Movie Room. Currently the scheduled movies are put on hold. But anyone can load one of the movies available from the library or bring their own. I chose one from those available and loaded it into the player. I didn’t really want to watch the movie. I wanted to learn how to operate the equipment. It is very simple.

CONTINUED FROM YESTERDAY There may have other buildings with other shops, but the next one that I remember is the barbershop where I was taken several times a year for a haircut. At the beginning of summer the hair came off in a butch cut leaving only short blond bristles. The hair was allowed to grow until the Fall of the year. Then, just before “Picture Day” at school, I would once again sit in that heavy chrome and black leather chair. A blanket sized bib was fastened in place a little too tightly around my neck. This time a suitable part was combed and trimmed into my hair. The sides trimmed close enough to make a drill sergeant proud. I was fascinated by the mirror that covered one wall above a shelf full of clippers, scissors, straight razors, jars and bottles of mysterious contents. The most mysterious of all was the large jar of blue liquid full if combs of different sizes and shapes. The scents here were vastly different from the Locker. The air smelled of perfumed powders and tonics. The floor of white octagon tiles littered with clumps of various colors of hair to be swept in a time between customers. I don’t remember the barber’s name nor even what he looked like, but I remember that he was far less chatty than others of his trade.  Right down to business, snip, snip, buzz. TO BE CONTINUED

Chicken pot pies at lunch and a simple supper of Malt O Meal.

God bless and goodnight

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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