2021 September 12

We are still having our Sunday school class I the chapel. It looked wonderful with the sun shining through the stains glass windows. After class was dismissed, Ella and I stayed in the chapel and watched the worship service through Facebook.
This was week two of pastor Michele’s sermon series on emotions. Today it was on fear.
I made a quick stop at Dollar General to purchase floor polish. They had none. That made it an even quicker stop.
That car is clearly in the intersection and technically had run the red light.


Yes, groceries were purchased with the simple promise to pay for them later. There were no such things as credit cards in those days. There was no interest or surcharge, just a “gentleman’s agreement” to settle accounts when we could. Yes, I’m sure, everything was in a ledger somewhere. Groceries could also be delivered. Sometimes Mom would call and order them. But, even if she shopped in the store, she would have them delivered. Remember, we didn’t have a car and walking all the way up and down hills juggling paper sacks just wouldn’t have worked. An “errand boy” would arrive, sometime that day, on a bicycle or by car.


God bless and good night

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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