2021 September 14

Shortly after this photo was taken, it became completely overcast.
Today’s high temperature stopped at 81°. That seemed a good temperature to new also.

Weather News
Nicholas strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane just before making landfall near Matagorda, Texas at 12:30 a.m. CDT. Since making landfall, it has weakened back to a tropical storm. Pray for people caught in the storm. As of 8 a.m. today it was 165 miles from us. Though it dumped 4-6″ if rain along the coast, we received nothing and the week’s forecast contains zero rain chances for us.

This breakfast seems familiar. Oh yeah! It’s what we have for breakfast 99.8% of the time.
Bible study was on the apartment’s schedule for ten this morning. However, when we arrived, no one was there.
Though no one came to Bible Study, Maggie came and we decided to play games with her the GAME ROOM seemed kind of sparse on games. Ella went back to the apartment and brought back Fast Track. The three of us played a couple of games.
For lunch we had air fried chicken wings, lemon and herb fingerling potatoes, and buttered corn.


Main Street began a thirty degree climb  as it headed uphill past the Telephone office. The building was no bigger than a two holer outhouse. Inside sat the switchboard operator. Yep, when Mom made those calls to Short’s Grocery, she began by lifting the earpiece from the wall mounted wooden box and turned the hand-crank.  In some mystical way that would let the telephone operator know that Mom wanted to make a call. The two of them would visit for awhile to get caught up on the latest gossip. Then my mother would say, “Let me have the grocers.” In that shoebox of a building, a long braided wire chord would be pulled out and plugged into the proper spot to make the phone in Short’s Groceries ring. It seemed more amazing to my young mind than Rocket Man flying through the air with a rocket strapped to his back.


I like the way the early evening sun highlights the shrubs in the foreground while the trees in the background are shaded.

God bless and goodnight

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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