2021 September 17


The next building of interest to me was the hardware. Other than the movie theater, the hardware was the largest building on Main Street. At that young age I had never heard the word cacophony. But that is the perfect word to describe the hardware. The cowbell at the door was the quietest sound in the store. I remember the sound of scoop loads of nails, or nuts and bolts being tossed onto galvanized trays hanging from scales that screeched in protest of another load of hardware.

Everything banged or clattered which made people raise their voices to get their message across. That had the net affect of causing other people to talk louder to be heard over the first folks. The sharp ring of the cash register, as the drawer was opened, was at odds with the dull clunk of the cowbell as another person entered or left.


We went for a 123 Mile 3 Hours 23 Minutes drive to give Kara a taste of the Texas Hill Country.
This was maybe the 6th or 7th photo we took. The sun was bright and we couldn’t couldn’t see the screen. We kept missing Ella in the photos. I kept trying to angle the phone downwards but wasn’t getting it low enough to get more than the top of her head.

God bless and goodnight.

©2021 Thomas E Williams


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