2021 September 18


I know that there were other buildings on the main street but, frankly, they were of no interest to my younger self and might as well have been invisible. 

We have now gone up the street and back again. We’ve just come out of the hardware and turned toward the east, facing the railroad tracks. 

There is nothing on the other side of the tracks other than a house or two. If we turn south we could follow the gravel road that curved around and up a hill behind the stores. Or we could follow the tracks southward toward Grandpa’s house and the depot. 

But if we turn to the north we could run across the street through the gas station drive and jump on the hose that rings the bell. Yeah! Let’s do that.  Then we can go past the back of the locker and over the small vehicle bridge toward the school.


Adam, Leigha, and Tate came out to visit while Kara is still here. They brought cantaloupe and macaroni salad. I cooked some shredded barbeque beef and made potato salad.  And we ate more of the watermelon that Kara bought yesterday at a roadside streams in Buchanan Dam. (At Fuzzy’s Corner.

God bless and goodnight.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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