2021 September 21

No sunrise photos today because we left home about forty five minutes before sunrise and we were back on the road when the sun rose. I think Ella may have taken a photo of the full moon and the sunrise while I was driving. The sun rose red through the haze.

Our first stop of the day was the Austin Bergstrom Airport to drop Kara off at the American Airlines departure entrance.

The temperature stopped it’s upward climb at ninety one degrees today.. The forecast was a fifty percent coin toss today, heads it rains, tails it doesn’t. It came up tails.

Our second stop was for Ella’s doctor appointment. Everything looked good and her next scheduled appointment isn’t for six months


In all eleven hospitals of Williamson county Texas there are currently 532 hospital beds available. That is 13% of the total beds. As far as current ICU Beds available in the entire county only 2 are available. That is, statistically speaking, 0% of the ICU beds in the county.


Waiting in a short line at the Leander Church of Christ to receive items from their food pantry.

Today was fresh produce and food-pantry pick up day for us. We always end up with more than we could reasonably consume in a month. So we regift that which causes our cup to runneth over. This time it went to the small food pantry in the apartment complex.



Let’s go back to the school. The dismissal bell has rung and we are free – free at last! We gather the books that we need to take home for homework. No backpacks – not invented yet, unless you were a world famous explorer. No cell phones, laptops, or tablets – not invented yet, even if you were a world famous explorer. Nope, we loaded our skinny little arms full of textbooks and left the building.

The country kids loaded onto the proper bus for the bumpy ride home. Those of us that lived in town started the walk home. The first thing was to cross the street at the crosswalk where the crossing guard would make sure we had safe passage over the road. The crossing guards were not adults. Some children were trained in the proper procedure, given a brightly covered vest with the words CROSSING GUARD on the back, and most importantly a stop sign. I felt so proud when I was chosen for crossing duty. The downside was that I had to wait until my friends had already started home.



God bless you, everyone and good night.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

We received an interesting email from the apartment Management, “Please avoid the front door. It has been broken once again and is not operational. You will need to use the side doors for entry/exit.” The main door of the building is a handicap accessible automatic door. However, it keeps malfunctioning. Now it appears to be physically damaged as well.

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