2021 September 22

I woke to sneezes … lots an4d lots of sneezes. I feel sorry for the deforestation caused by the number of tissues I’ve used today.

It was a good morning to leave the outside door open and invite … nay … encourage the cool air to come inside.
Ella did a nice flower arrangement.
Two, count them, two eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, and toast for breakfast.

Ella had a dentist appointment today. She is going to need at least one more tooth pulled. Them, after the first of the year, she may have a partial lower plate made to the tune of nearly a thousand dollars. What she really wanted done (total teeth extraction and both top and bottom dentures with studs that anchor then to the jaw bones) would cost more than we make in a year.

While she was I the dentist’s office, I went to check on the Over The Hill Gang building. Everything appeared to be okay.

We had kielbasa and rice in a seasoned tomato sauce for lunch.
Plus fresh sliced strawberries for a lunchtime treat.
The structures for the toll-road 183A extension are looking good.



I have already written about stopping at Short’s Groceries on the way home from school, so today we are going to just go straight home.

There are several ways to get home from school. On this day we will go west through town past the stores and up until we reached the top of the hill where the churches are. There we turn to the south and go down a long steep road, great for sledding in the winter.

The road continues up another hill that is more of a gradual rise. Part of the way up, we will cross over a small bridge. Under that bridge is a culvert, that is large enough, that my third grade self can almost stand upright in it.

There is nearly always a trickle of water running through it. Sometimes, if I was lucky, there might be frogs or snakes to carry home in my pockets. But not today.

At the top of that rise, just as the road starts a gradual descent toward the depot, we come to a T intersection. To the west is a farm with cattle, hogs and, chickens. The gravel road to the east climbs upward and dead ends at Grandpa’s house. We’re home.



“The LORD bless you and watch over you.The LORD smile upon you and be kind to you. May the LORD look on you with favor and give you peace.’” (modified from Num 6:24-26, GodsWord)

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