2021 September 24



Yesterday I told of coming into the house and seeing Grandpa. Though that younger me is eager to get out if my school clothes and into play clothes, I’m going to slow down enough to describe the home. 

You already know what was straight across from the door. To the right at the east side of the house is what had been a dining room or parlor, but now is a bedroom. When it became too difficult for the grandparents to climb the stairs to the bedrooms, the bedroom came down to them. Heavy dark drapes hung over the archway to afford it the needed privacy. It’s a room I never recall entering. To me, that room seemed to be forever in the dark, as though it belonged to the blind … or a vampire.

I’ve already described the corner of the living room that included grandpa’s chair and the heat stove. That stove was nearly the size of a refrigerator. It had vents on three sides and the top. 

Back when coffee came in cans, just such a red and yellow can, devoid of coffee, sat on the stovetop with water and camphor oil to add humidity to the air and keep the nose and lungs free of infection.

There were two windows. One faced north, looking across the porch and toward the street and uphill a little to Minnie the Indian’s home. The other looked westward and down the hill toward the Sticken’s house. 

Both windows had white lace curtains that hung over yellowing roller shades. The shades had a short cord attached to the middle bottom. A small crocheted pull loop hung from the bottom of the cord. 

A window seat was located in front of the North window. In front of the west window was an oak library table with a white doily on top. Various knicknacks and other things of no interest to me were scattered over the doily. 

It was the shelf at the bottom of the table that held my interest. When visitors came for a meal, that shelf became my dinning table. The grownups never talked about important stuff like Tarzan or Captain Midnight so I was glad to have this space where I could sit with my back to the wall and my short legs under the shelf and not have to listen to boring grown-up stuff. 

To the south of the table and just before going into the kitchen was where the wooden box of the telephone was mounted to the wall. Two bells like halves of a brass ball were at the top of the box. Directly below it was a long black curved thing that looked for all the world like a goose’s neck. That was the part you talked into. The thing you listen through hung on a hook on the left side. It had a long loop of a cord that connected it to the box. On the right side was the crankhandle that was turned to call the operator.

I’m tired of talking about the dumb ol’ house. I’m going to change in my play clothes and then climb a tree. Maybe I’ll tell you more about the house tomorrow.



This ad popped up on my phone. Do you find the errors?
The prescription that I didn’t pick up yesterday by curbside, I went inside today to purchase.

Frybread, taco meat, refried beans, rice, and cheddar … Yum!

God bless and good night

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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