2021 September 26

Maybe we will actually get some rain this week.1

After Sunday school, I started taking pictures of the windows in the chapel. But the phone died before I could get them all.

CROSS TRACKS CHURCH Scripture:  John 11:1-6, 17. Sermon“Sacred Sadness”Pastor Michele



The stairs to the bedroom are worn wood that creaks and groans when stepped on, and at night when no one is using them, they still creak and groan. That used to scare me when I was little.  I’m second grader now not scared of nothin’ … mostly.

I’ll take you up to see my bedroom, but I’m not taking a nap. I’m eight and a half. So I don’t hafta take no Saturday nap unlessin I wanna.

There’s a landing half way to the top. The window above that landing is way too high for even grownups to see out. Maybe that’s why there ain’t no curtains on it. The landing is the bestest place to launch a slinky, it makes a zinging sound as it stretches and a klomp klomp as it marches down the stairs.

On the landing you make a left and another left before getting to the top a the stairs. 

The space at the top is too small to be called a hallway. The door to the right goes into my mother’s bedroom. I’m not s’pose to go in there. But, if you swear cross-your-heart-hope-to-die, I’ll show another place you kin watch trains. It’s a closet in her room but it’s like a whole ‘nother room with a window an’ everything.

The door to the left, sitting at an angle, that’s an extra bedroom, though sometimes I go in there at night so’s I can watch the trains as they run through town. 

That’s when I know it’s got them red ‘n white gates making traffic stop from coming in or leaving town. Cool, huh? And them bells! I could hear them ringing before I heard the train’s big horns blaring. I loved to go down by the tracks and pump my arm up an’ down. Most if them engineers will blast the horns and wave.

This bedroom’s gotta bed in it ’cause it’s a bedroom, see? But under that bed is another bed that pulls out. Mommy calls it a trouble bed. No, that ain’t right. It’s a tumble bed. No, wait, a trundle bed, that’s it. Weird name, huh?

I was gonna show you my room next but I’m getting a little tired. I think I’ll take a nap. Not ’cause I hafta but ’cause I wanna. Come back tomorrow.


We had a Poppa Johns pizza for lunch. I have to say that it was the best pizza I’ve had on a long time.

That’s a large spider. If it were standing over a quarter, all of its legs would be off of the quarter. I tried to get it but it was too fast and ducked into a space in the siding on the patio.

Yes, we played five or six games today.

I spent a good share of the afternoon writing. I have a good start on met Sunday’s lesson. Plus I am trying to stay a day or two ahead on the writing for “My Memwz asowwries of Prescott.”

God bless and goodnight

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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