2021 September 27

Our niece, Kara, sent a photo memory from a couple years ago. This it’s part of the group that used to gather Wednesday evenings at Village Inn for pie.

Frybread, bacon and egg for breakfast. Ella put butter and honey on hers. I had cinnamon and sugar on mine. I still have enough dough left for at least one more meal. I’m not sure how long the dough will last in the refrigerator, so I’m trying to use it before it becomes sour dough.

Monday is laundry day and Ella has been busy loading and unloading the washing machine and the dryer then folding or hanging clothes in the closet.



As my eight and a half year old self opens my bedroom door I say, “You can come in now, but don’t touch nothin’ it’s mine.” 

Yeah, that’s my bed. It’s got a feather bed mattress and a down-filled comforter. Boy oh boy it’s warm. ‘Course I don’t get under that comforter now, ’cause it ain’t winter. 

You like winter? I do. Me and Jimmy Stickens, look out that window at the head a the bed, that’s his house down there. Any way, me and Jimmy make snow forts and fling snowballs at each other. That’s only in the winter, a course.

When winter comes, I put my tomorrow clothes in the bed with me so they won’t be so cold in the morning. Sometimes I get frost on my windows. I don’t mean the kinda frost that looks like lace. I mean the kind that gets all fuzzy like a caterpillar.

See that square thing in the floor again’ that wall? That’s the register that lets heat come up. You can look down and see the stove in the livingroom. That bump out thing in the wall is the chimley. On the cold mornings, I drag the comforter and my clothes over there. I sit with my back against the chimley and throw the comforter over me like a tent. I can get all dressed in nice warm clothes … ‘cept my shoes … they’re cold. Sometimes I don’t put them on ’till I’m downstairs. I put the shoes by the stove to warm up.

But it ain’t cold now ’cause it’s summer, sorta. School’s started again but it’s plenty hot out still.

Did you notice my bed? It’s got all kinds of curly cues made of shiny yellow metal. It ain’t gold though. Mom says it’s brass. See that string tied to the head of the bed? That goes all the way up to the chain on my light. That way I can turn it off an’ on from the bed. Smart, huh?

Those are my cap guns and holsters hanging on the post at the foot of the bed. My brother bought those for me. He’s way older than me and in the navy. He also gave me a t-shirt with a picture of his boat. I don’t remember him at all, but I seen pictures. Mommy says I look a lot like him. I hope not ‘ cause his ears stick out.

That’s my dresser in the corner with the big mirror that tilts. That way I can see all of me. Some of my comics are on the dresser, but I got more in a box under the bed. But don’t look there ’cause that’s where the pot is … you know, iffin I gotta go pee in the night.

Hey! Wanna see my marbles? I got two coffee cans full. I won most of ’em during recess at school. I don’t take them all, just four or five an’ my big stealie shooter marble. Look here at all my catseye marbles. I don’t take those to school, in case I loose.

Look out my other window. It looks over the front porch. Don’t tell Momma, but I climbed out that window onto the porch roof. But the shingles started sliding. I thought I was gonna fall off the roof. So I only done it once.

If ya wanna come back tomorrow, maybe I’ll show you the back porch and the root cellar, it’s kinda creepy and cool.




I’m really missing getting together with friends at Grandies and Over The Hill Gang. But as long as this pandemic keeps escalating I just don’t feel safe in starting them back up. We are avoiding groups. We don’t go out to eat.

Ella and I have stopped attending Sunday morning worship. Masks are required and seating is arranged for social distancing. However, once the service is over, people start gathering at the door or the narthex. That seems to defeat the social distancing rule. We are still gathering for Sunday Bible study in the chapel. There we have plenty of room and don’t gather like flys at the doorway.

God bless and goodnight.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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