2021 September 29

Another beautiful morning to have the door open and invite the outdoors to come inside. But not bugs. Haven’t seen any bugs other than tiny, tiny ants and one really big spider, that I hope ears tiny tiny ants.

We received our Covid booster and flu vaccinations today. We preregistered online and received appointment times. We arrived 30 minutes early to fill out a questionnaire. And were done 45 minutes after the appointment time.

Then it was around the corner of the store to pickup the tiny amount of groceries that were also purchased online. We arrived nearly half an hour before our scheduled time. However, when I called to say we had arrived, they cheerfully said, “They’ll be right out.” And in a few moments they were brought out and loaded into the truck. Great job Wal-Mart curbside workers. ☝

Do you remember when you would open a can of pork and beans and find a can full of beans with a little square of pork fat sitting on top? Not any more. One third of the can is now water and I haven’t seen the pork (as small as it was) in years. Oh, yes the beans still taste as good and that’s what I bought it for, not bean soup.

Billed as an “ice cream social”. It turned or to be a live commercial for a net work of healthcare providers.

I attended an hour and a half Zoom meeting on Autism and The Santa Visit this evening. Information provided by Susan Mesco, founder of The Professional Santa Claus School in Denver. It reinforced things over discovered pier the years of being Santa to many special needs people. I wish the photograph staff were required to attend classes such as these.



I got an idea. Let’s play King Of The Hill to see who decides what we look at next.

Okay, okay you win! That was fun! You wanna see the clubhouse, huh? Okay. It’s back in that corner over there, where the alleyway ends.

Come on in. Neat isn’t? It looks kinda round but it’s got eight walls. I don’t know what grandpa used it for, but it’s my clubhouse now. Me an’ some a my friends cleaned it up pretty good. We found those old chairs some folks throwed away and some wooden boxes from behind the grocery store. This is our spaceship. See the roof is round an’ metal just like Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon’s. But it’s kinda hot in here today. Let’s go back outside.

All a that garden is ours and it starts right here at the clubhouse an’ goes all the way down to the drop off by the railroad tracks. I betcha there’s still some tomatoes. Let’s go see. Nothin’ tastes better’n nice sun warmed tomatoes.

Let’s go down to the tracks an’ I’ll show you that I can jump from one track to the other without fallin’ off. Hey listen. Hurry. There’s a train comin’ and it’s got a hot box. Hear that nasty screeching? That’s ’cause one of them wheels ain’t turning. It’s just being drug along ‘ shootin’ sparks. Sometimes they even catch somethin’ afire.

Okay, stop running here or you’ll go over the ‘bankment. Do you wanna sit an watch from here or slide on down closer to the track? Yeah, me too. There’s kinda little path over here that we can slide down on.

I hear the bells at the crossing in town. It’ll be comin’ ’round that bend real soon. You gotta a penny? We could put it on the track an the train’ll smash it. Only I can’t never find ’em afterwards. Better backup again’ the bank just in case it is a burnin’. Here it comes!

Wow! Did ya see how far them sparks was flyin’? I know that ol’ engineer didn’t honk or wave or nothin’  but the conductor in the caboose did. Neat, huh?

The sun’s ’bout straight up and I’m hungry. Ya wanna stay for lunch. I’ll ask Momma. I saw beans on the stove with a big old ham bone. I bet she made cornbread too. Maybe we can come back out and play after lunch.



It rained for quite awhile last night. Some of that lightening seemed to be right outside our bedroom windows. The thunder came right on the heels of the flash.

I’ve noticed something funny here. Whenever we have a heavy rain, the street light begins to do a slow blink. It’ll come on for about a five count and them off for a count of ten.

After our usual breakfast, we read our usual devotion from the UpperRoom. We then played our usual Fast Track games.

God bless and goodnight.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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