2021 September 30

87° on the nose. Good job Weatherbug. Although, no rain today. Once again, it was nice weather to have the outside door open, at least until afternoon.



See I told you there’d be cornbread with them beans. Soon’s I put our dishes in the sink, we can go play.

I been thinkin’ ’bout playin’ King of the Hill again or climbin’ my favorite tree. But then I was thinkin’, do you know how to play Wahoo?

Minnie, taught me how to play an’ we’ll show you ’cause it’s fun an’ more fun with more people. Let’s go see if Jimmy wants to play too.

Good, he’s outside an’ him and Richard are buildin” somethin’ with them bricks. They been in that yard forever I guess Jimmy’s dad’s gonna make somethin’ someday.

That’s Richard. He’s my friend too. He lives in that house across the alley from Jimmy’s. He looks like a grownup but he’s just a kid. He don’t have to go to school though. Momma says he’s retarded. I think that means he’s real strong. Grandpa fell, out in the garden once, and Richard picked him up an’ carried him like a little baby all the way back to the house. He kept telling Mama that he didn’t push grandpa, kinda like he thought my mom would be mad at him, or somethin’. Richard’s not real good at Wahoo but don’t laugh at him, it’ll make him cry. Some kids call him stupid. I don’t like that an’ I don’t play with them nomore.

Now I gotta tell ya, don’t be surprised by Minnie, she’s real old. Older’n grandpa I think. She looks older, anyways. Her face is all brown an’ wrinkly. Her skin looks like it was made for a bigger person. She’s smaller than some of the older kids from school. 

And don’t be scared, she’s a for real Indian. Not like the Indians in moves with feathers an’ war paint. She’s says she’s got a tribe. But most a them live in Oklahoma. I don’t know what an Oklahoma is. I guess it must be like a teepee, or somethin’. She don’t live in an Oklahoma. She lives in a real house with doors and windows and everything.

Come on, we’ll all go play. She’s always ready to play Wahoo.



Writing  about beans and cornbread made me hungry for beans and cornbread. So, I made some ,,, you guessed it … beans and cornbread. On a related note, I cooked the last of the frybread dough that I’ve been keeping in the refrigerator. The next time I make it, I’ll not make quite as much. I will say though that the dough got better, more elastic, as time went on. It also became easier to work with.

I received an updated Welcome Letter email from the photo company with a new Santa start date. We’ll now begin the photo shoots on November 19th. That’s a full week earlier than previously scheduled.


©2021 Thomas E Williams

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