2021 October 01

It rained a little last night / early morning. This morning, according to the radar, we were surrounded by rain cells but we received no more rain. By sundown we were under a clear cloudless sky. 86° was the high.

The usual breakfast was had by all. Lunch was, by request, tomatoes soup ( in a cup) and grill cheese (American, Mozzarella, and cheddar) sandwiches. Supper consisted of ice cream.

The apartments host a “Freebie Friday!” Where you may get rid of things you no longer want but may be of use to someone else. You may also take things that have been donated. Ella and I went to see what there may be. There was nothing and we added nothing either.

Ella had a prescription to pick up. I really wish she could get them on a schedule of all at once and once a month. That woulda be a clear indicator of what its spent I her medications. I’m sure that we would save money on gas and the unnecessary purchases that seem to always accompany a trip to the store.

See I told ya Wahoo was fun. And you even won a game. Them cookies and milk Minnie gave us was good too. Don’t tell Momma, she’ll say it spoils my appetite. I don’t think my appetite’s never been spoiled.

What do you wanna do now? TV? I don’t know what that is. A radio with pictures like a movie? You’re just joking me, right? Fer real? Maybe I can go to yer house sometime an see it.

Let’s go back to the garden and get another tomato. We can throw dirt clods at stuff. When they hit something, they turn to dust. It looks like bombs in the movies. No! Don’t throw at that house. 

That’s where my mom’s grandma lived a long time ago. Don’t nobody lives there now. I know, it’s all brown an stuff. Mom says it don’t need paint ’cause it’s made a cedar. She also said the boards is work more’n the house. I don’t know what that means. They just look like boards to me, but they smell real good when the sun’s shinin’ on ’em and they get warm. 

We can go in, if ya want. No, that front door is locked, but the back door ain’t. It’s got two porches! One outside an’ other in the inside. It’s a strange house ’cause there ain’t no kitchen. It’s gotta a big room an two bedrooms. Mom had a lot a brothers and sisters. Some of them lived here with her grandma and some lived with my grandma and grandpa.

My mom’s grandma and my grandma both is dead. So’s my dad. Mom an’ Daddy an’ me used to live in a ‘nother town way long ways away. After daddy died, Momma an’ me moved here to take care of grandma, but she died. I don’t ‘member much ’bout her ‘cept she was old and fat with a really round face. I don’t ‘member much ’bout Daddy neither ‘cept he was sorta old, like Momma, an’ sick. He died in that ol’ house wheres we used ta live.

Tomorrow’s a school day. So’s ya wanna come over in the morning? We can walk to school together.

and goodnight

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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