2021 October 02

This toast is made from a specifically handcrafted bread that has carefully been packed at the bottom of the bag, to provide cushioning for the canned goods on top. 😀

When my mother turned 50, I ask her what it was looked to be half a century old. It never occurred to me, at ten years old, that I might be fifty someday. And I certainly never thought I’d have a child who was fifty. Both of the step-kids are already past that and my oldest will arrived at 50 in one year’s time.

Kara sent the above photograph of the hole, that a groundhog had dug, under her trailer. Evidently, groundhogs don’t care for getting ghost pepper on their feet, so it appears to have moved on.

Ella appears to be in deep communion with something on her cell phone. It seems strange to call these devises phones. The telephone is the least used function on mine. I think I’ll take my que from Star Trek and begin refereeing to it as my communicator. That much broader term encompasses email, text, social media, YouTube, movies, and television.
Lunch was chilli with cheese.

TRACKING COVID:  Covid travels from person to person by hitching a ride in the moisture in our breath. As we exhale the larger droplets quickly fall in slowly moving air. The much finer mists exhaled are aerosols which can travel much further and remain suspended in the air far longer.

This virus continues to mutate ands adapt. The alpha variant is much more likely to cause new infections via aerosol transmission. People, infected with alpha, exhaled about 43 times more virus into tiny aerosols than those infected with older variants. This may also explain why the delta variant is so contagious — and why it displaced all other versions of the virus. The delta variant has mutations that turbocharged its contagiousness even more. As the virus continues to change, newer variants may turn out to be even more transmissible,

The best defence for avoiding any of the Covid variations is to avoid crowds. Wearing proper masks serve a twofold function. The first is to limit the size and spread of the aerosols that we exhale and the second its to decrease the likelihood of inhaling droplets suspended in the air.

CDC Recommendation:  Compelling evidence now supports the benefits of cloth face masks for both source control (to protect others) and, to a lesser extent, protection of the wearer. To preserve the supply of N95 respirators for health care workers and other medical first responders, CDC recommends nonvalved, multilayer cloth masks or nonmedical disposable masks for community use.

Cloth masks should have least three layers. If available, masks with pockets for filter insertion are a plus. Remember it is important to thoroughly clean cloth masks as often as possible. Normal paper masks are not designed for multiple use.

Be safe. When it becomes safe to gather again, I want there to be people with whom to gather!


There you are. Me, Jimmy, and his sister been sittin’ on the porch waiting for you. We ’bout gave up. But, since you’re not from ’round here and might get lost, we waited.

Sometimes we walk ta school ‘long the tracks. Today we’re gonna go through town though. We can take a shortcut through Arden’s yard. That’s okay, he’s momma’s cussin’. That ain’t a bad word. He’s kinda like an uncle. I guess.

See that ol’ rusty hand pump? It still works and there’s a tin cup hangin’ from a wire wheres you can get a drink. But ya gotta pump that handle up an’ down for a log time. 

‘Nother thing, when it’s cold, seein’ your breath cold, don’t stick yer tongue on it. Not even if yer best friend double dog dares ya to. It’ll get stuck to it and hurts to get it unsticked.   It weren’t funny, Jimmy. It hurt for a real long time.

Now this is kinda a road here but mostly people don’t drive on it and it’s all growed up with grass and weeds jus’ like the alley behind grandpa’s, ‘cept there’s cockleburs here. I don’t want them struck to my school clothes so we’re gonna stay on the path.

Well not onna path all the way. We got another shortcut through this old house. Don’t nobody live here no more. Windows is broken and ya gotta be careful where ya step ‘ cause there’s junk everywhere and some holes inna floor. We can go in the back door and out the front don’t have to walk around the fence that way.

I founded a funny little green cup thing here once. It had three little clear marbles on the bottom. I thought it was pretty and since it was just junk on the floor, I took it home. 

I gave it as a present to momma. She asked where I got it. I didn’t want tell her I’d been in’at old house. I thought she might be mad or tell me not to go back in here. So I told her I found it by the tracks. She’s washed it and all the green came out. I didn’t think it looked pretty no more. She put a short little candle it. It’s on the library table in the livingroom. She said she likes it even if it’s all clear and shinny. 

Okay now we just go through the front gate and follow the road down and around to behind the hardware store. I almost got runned over right here. It had snowed real good. A bunch a us kids were taken our sleds to the school yard to slide down the hill. I’d been pullin’ Nellybelle, that’s my sled’s name, like the jeep in them Roy Rogers shows. Anyway, I decided to sled down and around on this hill. Well this car was comin’ up the road I was going down. I got scared and rolled off Nellybell. The buckles on my snow boot got caught in the sled runners. Nellybell pulled me off into the ditch. It saved my life.

Now we’re almost there. Just run across the street and the railroad tracks. Then we go acrossed the bridge. Sometimes there’s tadpoles down there. But other times the water’s full of blood, when the guys at the locker have killed a cow or somethin’. It stinks too!

I’ll race y’all to the school door. Last one in’s a rotten egg!


Goodnight y’all.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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