2021 October 03

Cross Tracks Church

Grandies collected many items for Operation Liberty Hill in addition to the food for the Food Pantry and lots of aluminum cans for the metal recycler. I took a can crusher with us today and managed to crush four bags of cans so that they fit into one bag. While I was doing that, Ann removed the tabs from the cans.


Hey! Hey! Over here! Bunch of us’s gonna play Red Rover. You can be on my team. We all hold hands real tight an’ the captain yells, “Red Rover, Red Rover send (somebody’s name) right over”.And then that guy from the other team runs and tries to break through our line. If he can’t, then he’s on our team. If he can then he takes the two where he broke through back to his team. I only play this on our morning recess. 

During lunch maybe we’ll play “Captain May I” or maybe I’ll try to climb that fire escape slide again. I never been able to get to the top. It’s real slick in that tube and kinda dark and scary. You wanna try it?
Last recess some of us play marbles, for keepsies. I got some extras I can let you use. You know how to play marbles, right? Okay, that’s the bell. We gotta go in. Last recess I’ll meet ya under the swings, that’s where the best dirt is for playing marbles, nice and dusty.


God bless and goodnight

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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