2021 October 05


You ready to play marbles? I got two that I can loan ya but you ain’t got a shooter marble. I s’pose ya can use mine on your turns. Okay everybody’s here an’ they’ve already drawn the circles. Everybody puts their marbles in that little circle in’a middle. Ya have to shoot from outside the big circle. You try, on yer turn, to hit a marble an’ knock it outta the big circle. We’re playing for keeps so you keep it. If you knock one out ya get another turn. If you don’t then it’s the next guys turn. You shoot like this, with yer knuckles down and her thumb up. You can go first ’cause yer new. 
Hey that was a good shot. Ya didn’t knock any out but ya scattered ’em good. Now it’s Bobby’s turn. Then Danny, Jerry, Jimmy then ME, an then back to you.
That was fun, even if I did lose my marbles. But you won three. That’s real good. But the bell’s ringing. Time to go in. See ya after school.
Was it hot in yer class today? It sure was in mine. The janitor brung in a really big fan an’ stuck it inna window. It was really windy an’ loud! I couldn’t hear nothin’ the teacher said the las’ hour, so I jest drawed pictures with my new pen.
You don’t have ta keep dippin’ this pen inna ink. See this little switch thingy on the side? Alls ya do is stick the writing end in the ink bottle, then pull that switch out and let go. The switch goes in and sucks ink inside. Neat, huh? Don’t never pull that switch when it ain’t inna bottle though. It’ll squirt ink everywheres.
I’d race ya to the school crossing, but I see my cussin’ Martha and she kinda needs help. She’s okay, for a girl. She walks with crutches and she’s got them metal braces things fastened to her legs. It mus’ be real hard to walk with them things on her legs. I don’t know why she jus’ doesn’t take ’em off. Then she wouldn’t even need them crutches. Momma said it’s onna ‘count of polio that she wears ’em. I heard of polio but I don’t know nothin’ ’bout it ‘cept it must be worser than measles and mumps. I had them an’ I don’t gotta use no crutches.
Her mom comes to get her inna car. I didn’t know girls could drive a car. Even growed up girls. Anyway, Martha can’t walk home an’ don’t no busses go to her house so, her mom comes and gets her.
You go on. I’ll See You tomorrow.  I’m gonna help get her crutches in the trunk. Sometimes she needs help gettin’ Her feet in the car too.


We had a busy morning, we took the cans up to Jarrell to be recycled and made $9 and some odd cents. Then we came back through Liberty Hill and dropped off items for the Operation Liberty Hill thrift store. Then we went over to the Leander Church of Christ and dropped off four milk crates, that we had received full of food on our last trip there. And I forgot to take any pictures of any of it.

We made it back from our morning travels in time to fix and eat lunch before Ella went to the craft room to make headed jewellery. At 2:30 there was a movie in the theater. We both went. However, a few minutes into it, I left. I couldn’t couldn’t hear it and the closed captioning was too small too read. Ella stayed unto the end. She then came home and tried to tell me the whole movie in fifty words or less.

There was nothing unusual about breakfast: egg, bacon, and toast. Lunch was spaghetti noodles with a cream of chicken sauce and a side of lettuce salad.

Goodnight and God bless

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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