2021 October 07

2 eggs! 2 toast! 1 bacon for breakfast. Yep. A big breakfast.

We donated five 30 gallon storage tubs and a plastic milk-type crate to Operation Liberty Hill this afternoon.

For lunch we visited the drive through at Golden Chick. 5 fish, a Dr. Pepper, and an order each of cole slaw and okra. Yes, we’ve become that old couple we used to observe ordering one meal and sharing it. One order is sufficient and cost effective.

Curbside groceries pickup at Wal-Mart is so quick and easy! And another plus, no impulse buys.

This is what $120+ groceries looks like now days. The plant and rabbit just happen to be in the photo and are not included in the price. And one of those bags only contains trash from the truck.


I found some printed copies of blogs that I had posted on America Online (AOL) in 2002 & 2003. Yes, almost 20 years ago I had a blog called the Electric Eclectic. But I was actually going online years earlier, before the World Wide Web (which is overlaid on the internet) became readily available for non academics and non military personnel. I used a acoustic modem to dial into various sites. Everything was text based (no graphics). You will easily recognize me in the below photos, but that skinny dark haired girl it’s Ella.

And goodnight.
©2021 Thomas E Williams

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