2021 October 08

We had a BIG breakfast this morning, two eggs, two toasts, hash-browns, and bacon.
Starting the day by reading the Upper Room is good for the soul.
Hamburger steak, baked potato, spinach , and lettuce salad for lunch.
While preparing lunch, I cut 6 good size patties from a 5 pound roll of ground beef. I cooked two and Ella bagged four for the freezer. I then seasoned, crumbled, and browned the remaining two and a half to three pounds. Once it was cooled, Ella also bagged those for the freezer.
This afternoon I also baked a couple dozen cookies from the dough I made yesterday. The cookies contain a mixture of dark and milk chocolates, Carmel and vanilla chips, and walnuts.
Another day or two and I will not be able to see the sunset from the patio. It’s moving further south, or more correctly, we’re tilted further away every day.

God bless and goodnight.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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