2021 October 10

Breakfast on the patio.
Cross Tracks Church Campus
Multipurpose Worship Center (left) Louine Noble Education Building (center)
150 year-old Chapel (right)

CROSS TRACKS CHURCH sermon “We are Greater Than Me”

Home Sweet Home

Lunch was lasagna for Ella and spaghetti for Tom. All in all, it took around 15 minutes to prepare. Okay the Lasagna was frozen and microwaved, and the ground beef had been pre-browned and frozen. The sauce was store-bought and added to the reheated meat. The noodles were cooked in an electric kettle, set on boil. Still, a meal with two entrees on the table in fifteen minutes! Come on!

Maypo for supper.

God bless and goodnight.

©2021 Thomas E Williams

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